Blue Hills BioWatch

Leaves Moss Lichen

photo by David Kabatchnick, Quincy

Blue Hills BioWatch is a unique opportunity for families and youth groups to explore the natural world of the Blue Hills Reservation and learn to protect the park’s rich ecosystems. The program includes:

BioWatch Scavenger Hunts (all ages)

Be the first in your family or youth group to spot the native and invasive species. Through an engaging scavenger hunt and outdoor explorations, participants will discover how invasive plants decrease the biodiversity and health of the park. Contact FBH to set up a BioWatch Scavenger Hunt for families in your school or youth group.

Nature Walks (all ages)

Join a naturalist to explore the Blue Hills! You’ll learn about plants that you might see or the time – or have never have noticed before! Join us for any or all of the walks throughout the season. Check the calendar for dates and times or email us at

Weed Buster Events (10 years and up)

At Weed Buster Events, participants not only learn to identify native and non-native plants, but also help remove the invasive species that are most harmful to the local ecosystem. Be prepared to don gloves and get dirty. Events run from 9:00 am – 11:00 pm. Check the calendar for the next event or email us at

Invasive Surveyors (teens and adults)

For those participants who want to learn new skills and watch the natural progression of plants throughout the season, we offer the Invasive Surveyors program. As an Invasive Surveyor, you’ll learn how to identify plants and record the location of plants using a GPS unit. You learn the ropes by attending at least two BioWatch events, including nature walks or weed buster events. Other surveyors will be at these events to so we can record the invasives as a group. We also have a special 5-hour Invasive survey training in June 2011 at Brookwood Farm. For details check the calendar or email us at

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