Come Celebrate with Us

Join us November 10th at our Annual Celebration to celebrate the Blue Hills and honor those who have helped maintain and improve the Blue Hills.  This year, we will recognize these Friends of the Blue Hills leaders and supporters:

Caleb Blankenship, Chair of the Friends of the Blue Hills Trails program, has devoted hundreds of hours to organizing the trail program, managing other volunteers and making sure all of us can explore the Reservation’s 125 miles of trails.  We will honor his leadership, patience and unending energy to improve the Reservation.

Mary C. Gormley, Superintendent of the Milton Public Schools, will be recognized for her leadership in promoting Lyme disease awareness.  Ms Gormley partnered with the Friends of the Blue Hills to engage over 300 fourth graders in understanding how to help prevent Lyme disease and the ecologic issues that have led to so many people contracting the disease in Milton and throughout Massachusetts.

Richard Thompson and the Blue Hills Bank for sponsoring the Cool Summer Fest at Houghton’s Pond for three years, starting with a successful family event last summer.  The Blue Hills Bank has also supported our work to protect and maintain the Blue Hills by sponsoring photo contests for two years running.  By supporting festivals and outreach activities,  the Blue Hills Bank helps us engage more people in protecting and preserving this natural treasure.

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Photo credit: Ana Cecilio, Dedham

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