Friend of the Month

Volunteer Spotlight: Pete Tierney

Name: Pete Tierney Town: West Roxbury Volunteer activities: Trail work FBH member since: 2011 (I should have joined way before) Favorite Hike: Skyline, although as I explore the many other areas of the Blue Hills I am adding a lot of “favorites.” Favorite thing to do in the Blue Hills: I like to hike.  It’s a great way to stay in shape and relieve stress.  It beats any gym. Most Interesting thing that happened at the Blue Hills:  I like talking to the people that I meet on the trail—ranging from families […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Susan Sharkey

Name:    Susan Sharkey

Town:   Randolph

Volunteer activities:   Trail maintenance

FBH member since:  2009

Favorite Hike: Walking around the great swamp area.

Favorite thing to do in the Blue Hills:  Hiking, looking at wildflowers, birds, meeting other hikers on the trails

Funniest thing that happened at the Blue Hills:  A few winters ago there was a lot of snow on the ground so I decided to take a short cut over a hill to get to another trail.  I had to skirt around fallen logs, trees and large rocks.  After a while I realized it was taking longer than it should.  I finally came upon another […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Christine Miller

Name: Christine Miller

Town: Cambridge

Volunteer activities: Organize events with the Friends of the Blue Hills Programming Committee

FBH member since: 2011

Favorite Hike: Skyline Trail-you’d never know you were so close to Boston. It has views like New Hampshire!

Favorite thing to do in the Blue Hills: Hike!

Funniest thing that happened at the Blue Hills: One time my family was hiking there together and my dad suggested that we run down the ski hill to get down faster. My mom opted out of that one, but my sisters, my brother and I decided to follow my dad. I […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Steve Campbell

Name: Steve Campbell

Town: Jamaica Plain

Volunteer activities: Trail maintenance

FBH member since: 2012

Favorite Hike: Skyline trail

Funniest thing that happened in the Blue Hills: When my chow chow was scared to climb up an incline and I had to carry her uphill. There was a group of hikers watching and laughing at me carrying a 55 pound dog around.

Volunteer Spotlight: Les Tyrala

Town: Quincy

Volunteer activities: Two separate geology walks for the FBH at Great Blue Hill and the Quincy Quarries.  Additionally, I have been leading geology walks for other organizations here in eastern Massachusetts for many years.

FBH member since:  ~1995

Favorite Hike: Hancock Hill and Sawcut Notch Path.

Favorite thing to do in the Blue Hills: My wife and I spend time hiking and birding in every month of the year.  Additionally, walking along Burma Road, Fowl Meadow, during the bird migrations is always rewarding.

Funniest thing that happened at the Blue Hills:  Being surprised, then laughing, then pleased by the unexpected proximity of northern water […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Bob Walcott

Name:  Robert C Walcott

Town: Easton (45 years)

Volunteer activities: After 20 years of hiking and enjoying the Blue Hills, I finally became a member of the Friends of Blue Hills 4 years ago.   In 2008, when the Friends of the Blue Hills launched the Adopt-A-Trail Program I decided that since my last name is Walcott, I should help maintain one of the major trails in the reservation – Wolcott Path.  I have since adopted other trails, helping to maintain them throughout the year.

FBH member since: 2007

Favorite Hike: All 121 miles of trails. But if I had to […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Laura Beebe

Town: Milton

Volunteer activities: Staffing the Friends of the Blue Hills info table at community events, advocacy

FBH member since: 2009

Favorite Hike: A 45-min.-loop that takes me over the top of Hemenway Hill.

Favorite thing to do in the Blue Hills: Walk with my family and our two dogs

Best day in the Blue Hills: Shortly after we moved to Milton from downtown Boston in the fall of 2009, my son, my aunt, and I left our house with a backpack filled with water, a container of gorp, and our map of the Blue Hills and hiked up Blue […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Amir Degany

Name: Amir Degany

Town: Stoughton, Ma

Volunteer activities: Adopt-A-Trail program since 2008, adopted the Wildcat Notch Path.

FBH member since: 2006

Favorite Hike: Skyline

Favorite thing to do in the Blue Hills: Hiking with my son and son-in-law, blueberry picking, maintaining trails and training for other hikes.

Favorite activities with Friends of the Blue Hills: Trail maintenance events because they allow me to meet and get to know other FBH members and volunteers.


Volunteer Spotlight: Alok Kant

name:  Alok Kant

Town: Canton

Volunteer activities: Trail maintenance , working with FBH to control invasive species and looking forward to participate in other activities when time permits.

FBH member since: March 2011

Favorite Hike: Blue dot trails between   rte 138 and rte 28. I love the variety and views.

Favorite thing to do in the Blue Hills:  Light hiking round Houghton pond with my wife and daughter.

Funniest thing that happened at the Blue Hills:  Happy moments – many… Still waiting for the funny 🙂

Favorite activities with Friends of the Blue Hills: Hiking, trail work and looking forward […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Sam Jaffe

Volunteer Spotlight: Sam Jaffe

Town: Readville, MA

Volunteer activities:  Leading butterfly and caterpillar walks, putting on live caterpillar shows at museums and sanctuaries to show off our fantastic native creatures, cataloging the caterpillars that use the blue hills and fowl meadow area.

Favorite Hike:  Hiking up through the lush and very productive ski-slope meadows to the top of Great Blue Hill, wandering the summit trails around the weather observatory and tower, and coming back down the rocky trail to the trailside museum – walking very slowly and finding amazing caterpillars all the way.  This route travels through quite a range […]

Volunteer Spotlight: George T. Comeau

Town: Canton

Volunteer activities with FBH: Judge for the FBH Photo Contest.

Favorite Hike in the Blue Hills: Skyline trail from Trailside to the Shea Rink. Unbelievable views, quiet spots around very corner, and pristine trails.  A nice challenge for a Sunday afternoon.

Favorite thing to do in the Blue Hills: There is so much to do in the Blue Hills.  Superb photo spots, watching the seasons pass, and catching a glimpse of Red Tailed Hawks soaring through the sky.

Funniest thing that happened at the Blue Hills: After a three hour hike… spending five hours rehydrating at Norwood Hospital… […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Deb DaSilva

  • Town: South Easton
  • Volunteer activities: FBH Board, BioWatch (program to contain invasive species that threaten rare and endangered species.) staffing an FBH information table at park events like Maple Sugar Days.
  • FBH member since: 2009
  • Favorite Hike: Ponkapoag Pond
  • Favorite thing to do in the Blue Hills: I don’t know. There are so many things I enjoy: birding watching, looking at the plants on the trailside, hiking there with my family. I don’t know which to choose!
  • Funniest thing that happened at the Blue Hills: Sinking on Ponkapoag Boardwalk. […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Caleb Blankenship

Town: Milton

Volunteer activities: Trail Maintenance

Most adults would say that Caleb Blankenship grew up on a dead end street in Milton. Caleb, however, would say he lived on a thoroughfare to the Blue Hills. He can recall countless adventures that began at his house.

“From about age 5, my brother, sisters and I would explore the wooded sections of my family’s property that abutted what is today the Emerson Woods development in Milton. There was a wide trail that ran through the property which intersected a second wide trail which then led to the northern boundary of Camp Sayer.


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