For his entire life, David Morse loved hiking the Blue Hills and being in the outdoors.  He grew up in the heart of the Blue Hills on Hillside Street in Milton and hiked the park throughout his childhood.  As an adult, he lived in the same house where he grew up, embedded in the Blue Hills, and continued to frequent the trails and ponds.  He often hiked from his home to Buck Hill.  His friend and fellow Board member, Bob Romeri, remembers hiking up Buck Hill with David, “sitting on wind-swept Buck Hill for lunch, and listening to the towhees serenade ‘drink your tea’” (the phrase that reflects the bird’s beautiful song).

Board members remember David as a fine lawyer, and a gentle person who ran the meetings efficiently as president (and who wrote extraordinary minutes as secretary).  With a calm demeanor, he would keep other passionate Board members on topic and on mission, always moving forward.

His devotion to the Blue Hills helped the Friends advance the mission that benefits all of us who love the Blue Hills.