You can Advocate for Safe Crossings in the Blue Hills on Route 138

You have an opportunity to help improve the safety of visitors to the Blue Hills who hike across Route 138.  The Mass Department of Transportation is undertaking a project to improve the safety and congestion on nine miles of highway, including a section that passes through the Blue Hills.  The project will improve hiking and biking safety by building sidewalks on both sides of the highway, with a mixed-use sidewalk on the west side to accommodate both walkers and bikers.  While the construction project will add greatly-needed paths along the highway, the current proposal does not appear to include the two crosswalks and pedestrian signals that were included in the original study.  These crosswalks would allow park users to safely cross the highway to access both sides of the park.

See slides describing the current project.

What You Can Do

Complete the Mass DOT project survey and request that the Route 138 Reconstruction (project file number 608484) includes safe pedestrian crossings in Section 3, which cuts through the Blue Hills.  Include any other ideas you may have for improving hiking and biking access to that part of the park!

See the Friends of the Blue Hills’ comments submitted to MassDOT.