For many of us, seeing trees in our daily surroundings might be so common that we don’t stop to think about the important role that trees play in our lives. We might notice the natural beauty of a tree, particularly as autumn approaches, but we should also consider the many benefits that trees gives to the world. Look around you right now. Maybe you are at home or at the office. Maybe you are on the bus or train or out for a walk. Maybe you are even in a park (or better yet, in the Blue Hills)! Wherever you are, can you look outside, perhaps through a window, and see some trees? Let’s read about some of the great, and maybe lesser known, ways that trees help our environment.

Photo by Jill Peri from Canton

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Trees support wildlife. A large tree in your yard is not the only living thing present. Trees play host for many different species of wildlife, providing a shelter and often food. Trees host bird’s nests, squirrels, insects, and much more. When we remove a tree, we are actually removing a large micro-ecosystem that many animals depend on.

Trees help prevent erosion. Trees have large, intricate root systems that hold the ground in place. The roots harness together, acting like a skeleton in the soil, providing structure and support that prevents large washouts.

Trees are filters. Do you like breathing? Thank a tree! Trees convert unbreathable air into sweet, sweet oxygen that we need to survive.

Trees reduce noise. Did you know that tree coverage along those busy highways and routes (think I-95, I-93, rt.138 and rt. 28) dull noise from traffic? They absorb the sound and disperse it locally, keeping those loud tractor trailers from being heard far beyond the highways.

Trees change how we drive. Tree canopies along the roads slow drivers down, making our roads safer!

Photo by Roby Lynne Schwartz from Randolph

If you think that trees certainly help us out in many ways, would you consider helping the trees by becoming a member and making a donation to the Friends of the Blue Hills?

Becoming a member and making a donation is easy, and every donation (no matter how large or small) is incredibly helpful in preserving the Blue Hills lands and keeping our trees along the land healthy and helping for generations to come. Be kind to the trees!