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Trail Work Remaining, from 2018 Work Reports

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Remaining Work
2018-01-14Bob FlaggBlue HillWildcat Notch PathThere was a huge amount of water flowing from Marker 1103 to the split before Marker 1115. The work done previously to stabilize the trail looked great and kept the trail intact. Need to get out there and try to deepen the outflow and clean them to improve water flow. The culvert at the bottom of the hill could use some cleaning, too.
2018-01-14Bob FlaggBlue HillCoon Hollow PathNeed to remove debris from two grade reversals just after the trail dog-legs to the righ below Marker 1082. Also, the side ditch needs more improvements.
2018-01-21Len UlbrichtBlue HillSkyline Trail North5 inch diameter tree leaning across trail between 1117 and 1141, 200 or so yards from 1141. 6 foot clearance at low side of trail, 8-10 feet on other side. May need 4 foot ladder and chain saw to remove.
2018-01-20Dave HumphreysQuarryIndian Camp PathThere are two large blow-down trees that are a CHAIN SAW job. One vicinity 4135, one vicinity 4120.   
2018-01-27Bob FlaggChickatawbutWampatuck PathSide ditches need more throrough cleaning - good for group project.
2018-01-27Bob FlaggChickatawbutCurve PathWater is coming onto trail from the woods and Squamaug Notch Path upslope near Marker 3143. Need to put water breaks in the woods to spread water out. Also need to facilitate how water crosses trail.
2018-01-27Bob FlaggChickatawbutSquamaug Notch TrailWater is flowing from two grade reversals near Marker 3143 and flowing thru the woods onto Curve Path. Need to put water breaks in the woods to spread water out. This could be a large group project including work on Curve Path.
2018-01-13Bob FlaggChickatawbutBouncing Brook PathSide ditches need to be improved east of Skyline. Lots of water coming down from Slide Notch which must be addressed. The culvert by Marker 3085 is partially blocked by rock at inflow. Will need to address after waterflow subsides.
2018-01-20Bob FlaggChickatawbutStreamside Edge PathThere was a significant amount of water flowing down the trail. Could easily add half a dozen grade reversals. It is a long walk to site but could access from Rt 128 as there is a break in the fence so could drive people and tools close to site.
2018-01-21Bob FlaggHoughtonTucker Hill PathThere was evidence of significant water flow from Marker 2094 to Skyline. Trail edges are raised above treadway so would be difficult to find many places to get water off the trail. Should try to find two - three sites.
2018-01-07Anna MacDougallBlue HillHalf Way Pathremoval of down tree on Path between markers 1093 and 1110.
2018-02-10Bob FlaggBlue HillBorder PathNeed to do further cleaning on culverts near Unquity; side ditch at Marker 1175 to the first grade reversal (about 100 feet) and side ditches from Chestnut Run up the hill past the Unquity cutoff. Also need to dig out the grade reversals further up the hill past Five Corners Path. This could be work for up to three groups.
2018-02-10Bob FlaggBlue HillPuddle PathTrail overall in good shape but needs work on the grade reversals at the beginning of the trail near Wolcott Path. These structures need a significant digout that could be a good work project for 6 people.
2018-03-04John HahnfeldHoughtonBoyce Hill TrailEntire trail should be gone over once more to completely clear debris. (One can bend over just so many times in a day at 74.) There is a leaner over the trail between marker 2130 and the point where the Skyline trail crosses Boyce Hill Trail. This is hazardous and should be cleared by DCR asap.
2018-03-05Bob VogelBlue HillFive Corners PathWhere possible, trench areas where water collects, so it can more easily drain from the rail.
2018-02-25Bob FlaggChickatawbutWood PathTwo very large trees (18") blocking trail, located about 150 yards from Wood Road trailhead. Also need to clean out culvert about 100 yards from Wampatuck Trail. Should walk trail and site several more swales to carry water straight across the trail as it was quite wet.
2018-02-25Bob FlaggChickatawbutBouncing Brook PathSide ditches on this stretch of the trail could use a good cleaning.
2018-03-11Chris MullinQuarrySawcut Notch PathThere are four major downed trees across this trail between 4133 and 4214. They will require chain saw crew to clear. All are causing hikers to leave the trail to get around the downed trees.
2018-03-11Chris MullinQuarryCrags Foot PathThe trail marker for 4124 has fallen and is temporarily tied to a small tree. Needs to be nailed back on larger tree. There is a large blow down requiring a chain saw crew near 4151. It is completely blocking the trail.
2018-03-20Bob VogelHoughtonMattapan Trail (FBH)There is a LARGE (Chainsaw) tree across the Skyline trail between Dark Hollow PAth and MAttapan Trail. This is confusing folks and those going east are getting off the Skyline and creating a new trail up to the right of the Skyline. We piled brush to discourage this, but the real answer is to remove the downed tree on the Skyline and put up a bit more blue paint, so people can follow it through that wet section, where it tends to widen out as people try to avoid getting wet feet.
2018-03-25Caleb BlankenshipBlue HillWildcat Notch PathSome trees down that require chainsaw.
2018-03-26John HahnfeldHoughtonBoyce Hill TrailLEANER STILL EXISTS ON TRAIL BETWEEN 2130 AND LOCATION WHERE SKYLINE TRAIL CROSSES BOYCE HILL TRAIL - THIS IS DANGEROUS AND SHOULD BE REMOVED AT EARLIEST POSSIBLE TIME. To my eye, there did not seem to be much supporting the upper portion of the tree where it hung up when falling. Walking under this thing is a bit nerve-wracking.
2018-03-25AMCSEMHoughtonSkyline TrailBrush to usual standards
2018-03-26Pete TierneyPonkapoagHodgdon Foot PathContinue to remove obstacles and brush to usual standards
2018-03-26Pete TierneyPonkapoagPrescott Foot PathContinue removal of obstacles and brush to usual standards.
2018-03-27Pete TierneyHoughtonPaddock TrailOne tree has been limbed but needs removal with chain saw. Low priority, can be passed without leaving treadway.
2018-03-27Pete TierneyHoughtonAyer TrailCut back greenbriar
2018-04-01James GreenBlue HillCoon Hollow PathWidow-maker over trail just prior to marker #1092
2018-03-24Bob FlaggChickatawbutLee PathThere is some opportunity to dig out some of the culverts on the path and improve the flow of water. This is mostly toward the Braintree Pass side.
2018-04-01Chris MullinHoughtonAMC FootpathThree larger trees fallen across the trail still need to be removed.
2018-04-03Bob VogelBlue HillHoughton TrailThere are two big (one 18" or more) pine trees stacked across the trail 2/3 of the way up. Need a chain saw.
2018-04-01Anna MacdougallBlue HillHalf Way PathTo move the trees that are leaning and the one small down tree that is across the path. there is a very big tree down between marker 1110 and coon hollow path that will need a chainsaw and three helpers to remove. It was very difficult to get to the path from the parking lot due to the many small and large trees that are down on the trails leading to marker 1081 the start of my path
2018-04-09Bob VogelChickatawbutStowe PathThere are several big trees needing a chainsaw.
2018-04-09Bob VogelChickatawbutThayer Path (FBH)More work needed. Large trees.
2018-04-09Bob VogelQuarryHeadquarters PathThis section (really the pipeline parallel to Headquarters path.) is a continuous row of downed trees, there are dozen of trees across the pipeline. It's going to be a LOT of work to clear this. Does the gas company clear that?
2018-04-12Fred TaylorChickatawbutLaurel PathStill at least six more downed trees requiring larger saw/chain saw.
2018-04-12Fred TaylorChickatawbutGreat Dome Foot PathTwo downed trees requiring bigger saw.
2018-04-07Bob FlaggPonkapoagActon PathSeveral large trees across the trail. They had been sawn so probably too big to move without mechanical help.
2018-04-14Bob FlaggBlue HillJeffries TrailThere were three monster pine trees with large crowns on the trail upslope from 1182. Will take a major chain saw effort to remove.
2018-04-14Denise ButlerBlue HillPuddle PathWork may need to be done on water bars as there was minor erosion to the surrounding trail. Plan on getting out to the trail in early May to address these issues.
2018-04-14John GoldrosenHoughtonForest PathClean trash from trailheads.
2018-04-23Mark RivinusNeponsetSkyline Trail West3 wind fall trees > 6" diameter-need chain saw ; 5 wind fall branches/ trees < 4"; we will hand cut within next two weeks
2018-04-26Bob VogelHoughtonSkyline TrailOnly did from Headquarters Path to 2072. There is one big tree top that was hanging into the trail. I cut away some branches to allow easier passage, but was alone it wasn't a 1 person job to try and take it down.
2018-04-26Bob VogelBlue HillBorder PathThere are a couple big (One 24" dia or so) trees laying across the trail. I cut all of the smaller ones, but those two need a chainsaw.
2018-04-26Bob VogelHoughtonHillside Pond TrailMANY, MANY more sticks down, but I ran out of time today.
2018-04-28Mimi KuglerBlue HillBreakneck Ledge PathReshape the grade reversals and rolling dip using a shovel and other tools.
2018-04-28Mimi KuglerBlue HillHoughton TrailReshape the two grade reversals using a shovel and other tools.
2018-05-03Bob VogelHoughtonFern Spring Foot PathThree trees across trail that I couldn't cut because I didn't have my saw with me.
2018-05-03Bob VogelHoughtonSkyline TrailBig tree across trail between Buck Hill and Rt 28.
2018-05-01Anne ComberChickatawbutBraintree Pass PathWe could see trees blocking paths on the right from that intersection--we cut the branches off, but the trees themselves require a chainsaw.
2018-05-04Bob VogelBlue HillHancock TrailUpper section of this trail needs to be blazed in some way, so one can tell the 'real' trail from all of the bootleg trails. It's a maze, and since everyone just blunders through more and more bootleg trails develop.
2018-04-13Judy JacobsHoughtonBugbee PathThere was still some raking.
2018-04-28Jessica BaumgartChickatawbutGas PipelineSomeone with a chainsaw should return to the area to clear these two trees. Both are within line of sight of the intersection with Braintree Pass Path.
2018-05-06Jessica BaumgartChickatawbutHemlock PathTwo blowdowns block the trail near the zigzag on the map near the Quincy/Braintree line. One is just north of the sharp angle; the other is just south. Much closer to the intersection with Chocato Trail (near I-93) are two tires with rims. While it looks like they've been there for years, I can't help wondering if we should remove them. They're not too far from the fence to I-93.
2018-05-06Jessica BaumgartChickatawbutRomari TrailA drainage problem exists behind one of the Wood Road businesses about 1/3 of the way from marker 3174. It looks like an outflow pipe near the business dumps water into the woods. No real path exists for the water to follow, so it travels quite a distance along the trail in both directions. With some perhaps not too complicated shovel work, we could make a channel across the trail (or something like that) to guide the water off the trail. A culvert or some other more formal structure would probably be better. I don't remember seeing lots of rocks in the area. ; A tree is down just south of the intersection with 3174. It could probably use a chainsaw.
2018-05-14Chris FontecchioPonkapoagNo Name PathWe will patrol the trail often until fall
2018-05-21Chris FontecchioPonkapoagPonkapoag TrailPrune low hanging branches 5331
2018-05-12Bob FlaggBlue HillCoon Hollow PathTrail could use a good brushing and grade reversals above 1082 should be cleaned.
2018-05-24Jessica BaumgartBlue HillEustis TrailA fallen tree on the portion of the trail closer to 1140 could benefit from a chain saw. It's older and been down for a while. Manual sawing is possible, but chain sawing it would be more efficient.
2018-05-24Jessica BaumgartBlue HillBase PathBase Path has portions that need lots of drainage work. Parts of the trail look like a stream with an adjacent foot path. Parts of the trail seem to be only stream bed. In places, people have worn impromptu paths just off the trail.
2018-05-12Jessica BaumgartChickatawbutGreat Dome Foot PathThe white pine leaner along the top of Kitchamakin probably either needs to fall on its own or be removed by someone with more training and experience than us average volunteers.
2018-05-12Jessica BaumgartChickatawbutLaurel PathThe tree on the single track next to the Great Cedar Swamp and 3121 needs a chainsaw.
2018-05-12Jessica BaumgartChickatawbutCochato Path (FBH)Lots of trees are down along the fence with I93. Since this trail floods, it might be that working it needs to wait until late summer when conditions are often drier.
2018-05-12Jessica BaumgartChickatawbutCochato Path (FBH)A chainsaw would most efficiently remove a fallen tree from the 3121 end of this unnamed single track immediately north of I93 (across Laurel Path from Cochato).
2018-06-02Caleb BlankenshipQuarryMinichiello Path (FBH)One of the trees got hung up in another tree. We will need to return to clear that one with the griphoist.
2018-06-05Hiroshi AbePonkapoagPonkapoag TrailWe will keep patrolling on the trail.
2018-06-05Judy JacobsChickatawbutWampatuck PathMore raking. We'll bring corporate groups to complete.
2018-06-06Bob VogelBlue HillAccord PathThis section now OK.
2018-06-12Leah NdunguPonkapoagPonkapoag TrailOnly went up to the sign 5311. Will keep our eyes on the rest of the trail.
2018-06-11Christopher T FontecchioPonkapoagNo Name PathCan keep on clearing overgrown grass on trail.
2018-06-18Christopher T FontecchioPonkapoagNo Name PathContinued to rake and widen No Name Path
2018-06-20Judy Lehrer JacobsChickatawbutWampatuck PathThere is still raking that can be done as you follow Wampatuck to the left after 3135.
2018-06-26Bob VogelChickatawbutBraintree Pass Path3042 on...
2018-06-26Bob VogelChickatawbutHemlock Bound Foot PathLots more low growing bushes along the trail. Would be better if they were trimmed... but lots of work to do so!
2018-06-26Bob VogelChickatawbutGas PipelineWe didn't cut several large trees down into the pipeline in the wide section, as they are easy walk arounds.
2018-06-25Bob FLAGGBlue HillBorder PathThere is a spike in a RR tie on the trail around 1165 that is a hazard. Put a marker on it. Will return shortly to remove. Also noticed grade reversal west of 1135 heading up the hill is missing a rock which stabalizes the structure. Will replace in the next month.
2018-06-30Bob VogelHoughtonTucker Hill PathI didn't hike the rest of the trail, this blowdown had been reported to me Thursday eve by a Red Line hiker, so I just went and cut it this morning, before my 9AM hike.
2018-07-01Dexter RobinsonBlue HillSkyline Trail WestCovered from Rt. 138 to Eliot Circle trail. Have Eliot Circle section to Eliot Tower to review.
2018-07-02Bob VogelBlue HillHoughton TrailThere is one big pine tree, 24ish inch dia, that came down last winter. A new trail has developed to the left around the root ball. This could be cut, and the original trail restored.... or it could be left as is... it does work without too big an issue.
2018-07-16Christopher T FontecchioPonkapoagNo Name PathStill need to clear tree off path
2018-07-30Bob VogelNeponsetField PathSee second report for work I performed that day.
2018-07-30Bob VogelNeponsetField PathThe southern 1/3 is still 'effectively impassible'. (Getting through to flag it required climbing over, under, and around blowdowns and through thickets of brush and briars.)

The northern 2/3 is passable, but I didn't have the time, or energy!, to cut all of the low growing grass and vines.
2018-07-30Bob VogelBlue HillAccord Pathnone.
2018-07-30Bob VogelBlue HillHalf Way Pathnone.
2018-08-05Bob VogelNeponsetField Path1) There are multiple big trees down across the trail near 6102 and 200' in from 6102.
2) There are multiple 'step over' trees all along the trail, which should be cut, but they aren't as high priority.
3) The whole trail still needs brushing of the low growing vegetation.
2018-08-20Bob VogelChickatawbutSquamaug Notch TrailThere is a large tree down across the trail between 3131 and 3144. I cut one limb to facilitate passage, but a chainsaw is needed for the main trunk.
2018-08-21AMCSEM (Pete Tierney)HoughtonSkyline TrailRoutine maintenance---clear water bars, remove rocks from trail, clean steps
2018-08-25Bob VogelNeponsetIndian PathFrom where I stopped all the way to the northern end needs major work, just to be 'passable'.
2018-08-27Bob VogelHoughtonOld Route 1282085 to far end.
2018-08-27Bob VogelHoughtonBurnt Hill PathSingle dot trail to far end
2018-09-01Dexter RobinsonBlue HillBrookwood Trailshort section of trail south of Accord Path
2018-09-14len ulbrichtBlue HillSkyline Trail NorthSeveral water bars on Hancock Hill and approach from HQ are filled with scree and dirt that need to be cleaned out. In addition a swale has deteriorated that needs a rock waterbar constructed and another waterbar needs additional rocks (big ones) to effectively divert water.
2018-09-15len ulbrichtBlue HillSkyline Trail NorthAt least four other waterbars need attention. Two on trail between HQ and 1186 are clogged with dirt and scree. Two on trail between 1186 and ledges below 1172 need rock waterbar contsructed (swale has disintegrated) or additional rocks installed to effectively divert water off trail.
2018-09-15Rob HirsemanQuarryQuarry TrailComplete grade reversal. May still require additional drainage structure closer to road.
2018-09-24Chris MullinChickatawbutGreat Dome Foot PathMore aggressive work with the scrub oak
2018-09-26Judy JacobsChickatawbutBouncing Brook PathA bit before 3085, there is still a portion of the ditches that have not been cleaned.
2018-09-16Robert T HirsemanQuarryQuarry TrailAs noted above, could use some further reinforcement based on the erosion we saw from the couple of storms that have come through since.
2018-09-29Robert T HirsemanQuarryQuarry TrailStone work should continue, and there probably needs to be another reversal added closer to the road to deal with the impressive volume of water coming onto the trail there.
2018-09-15Bob FLAGGHoughtonTucker Hill PathNeed to monitor structures to ensure grade is adequate to get water downslope from the trail. May need additional structure downhill from second one to collect water from the side slope.
2018-09-15Bob FLAGGHoughtonAthol PathNeed to monitor structures to ensure water is being diverted as desired and structures are durable enough.
2018-09-23Bob FLAGGQuarryQuarry TrailNeed to continue adding stones to armour floor and prevent erosion of grade reversal structure.
2018-10-07Robert HirsemanQuarryMurphy PathSmall creek crossing trail at base of hill near 4155 is getting blocked by erosion coming off hill causing flooding. Needs to be cleaned up to let water flow through. I'll probably tackle this later this fall since it is on my trail (Skyline).
Culvert near 4135 seems to be blocked - large pools of water on both sides, eroding/flooding trail on down hill side.
2018-10-24Dave HumphreysBlue HillRotch PathThere is a widowmaker next to the trail on Rotch, could be pulled away by a gator.
2018-10-29Hiroshi AbePonkapoagNo Name PathWe could clear the trail unto the point, a quarter mile ahead of the point with a stack of stones (from the Ponkapoag Trail).
2018-10-29Hiroshi AbePonkapoagPonkapoag TrailCouldn't take care the rest of the trail after the point of 5311.
2018-10-29Hiroshi AbePonkapoagPrescott Foot PathN/A
2018-11-01Bob VogelNeponsetIndian PathThe northern 1/2 of this trail is still almost impassable.
There are also a fair number of trees down across the trail on the southern half that we didn't address. There are some 6-8" trees. Some 10-12" And at least one 18" tree. I'd say probably at least a dozen in the lower part.
2018-11-03Mimi KuglerBlue HillHoughton TrailRake out all drainage structures again after most of the leaves have fallen.
Brushing on the south quarter of the trail, and near the north end.
2018-11-03Mimi KuglerBlue HillHoughton Hill PathRake out the drainage structures again after most leaves have fallen.
2018-11-03Mimi KuglerBlue HillBreakneck Ledge PathInspect the entire trail end to end.
Rake out all drainage structures after most leaves have fallen. Be sure to check and clear any debris from the two culverts near the north end of the trail.
2018-11-10Bob VogelHoughtonMattapan Trail (FBH)None
2018-11-10AMCSEM-Pete TierneyBlue HillCliff Trail (FBH)Trail needs more work to manage water flow.
2018-11-10AMCSEM-Pete TierneyBlue HillCliff Trail (FBH)Work was done to solve immediate problem of water flow across road, the rest of the trail was not evaluated.
2018-11-12John GoldrosenHoughtonHeadquarters PathClear culverts and create channels for water runoff (done on 11/17, report to be filed separately).
2018-11-17John GoldrosenHoughtonForest PathBecause of the continued heavy rains, I will check back in late Nov.-early Dec. to see if the culvert and channels need any further work to remain clear during the winter.
2018-11-28Bob QuinnChickatawbutGlover Path3 trees require chain saw to remove from trail
2018-11-28Bob QuinnChickatawbutBarberry Bush Spring TrailTrail is flooded at near westerly end (#3090) of trail Culvert needs to be established so as to allow drainage to northerly side of trail.
2018-11-28Bob QuinnChickatawbutBranch PathInflow to concrete culvert should be better established. Current ponding on Northeasterly side of trail should be eliminated. Also water is flowing under trail, but not through established culvert.