Blue Hill Section Trail Work Reports – 2018

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Remaining Work
2018-01-14Bob FlaggWildcat Notch Path3.00Walked trail removing branches after heavy rain & winds overnight and that day put lots of water on the trail. Removed crown from large oak tree off the trail right at the beginning near Accord Path.Chris MullinThere was a huge amount of water flowing from Marker 1103 to the split before Marker 1115. The work done previously to stabilize the trail looked great and kept the trail intact. Need to get out there and try to deepen the outflow and clean them to improve water flow. The culvert at the bottom of the hill could use some cleaning, too.
2018-01-14Bob FlaggCoon Hollow Path1.50Walked trail removing branches after heavy rain & winds overnight and that day put lots of water on the trail. Cut and removed large branches near Marker 1082, cleaned side ditch of debris. New grade reversal at top of slope below Marker 1082 looked good diverting water into side ditch. Other new structure about 100 yards upslope added last year worked well.Chris MullinNeed to remove debris from two grade reversals just after the trail dog-legs to the righ below Marker 1082. Also, the side ditch needs more improvements.
2018-01-21Len UlbrichtSkyline Trail North2.50Cleared trail of fallen branches. Sawed and removed from trail several fallen and leaning trees & saplings.5 inch diameter tree leaning across trail between 1117 and 1141, 200 or so yards from 1141. 6 foot clearance at low side of trail, 8-10 feet on other side. May need 4 foot ladder and chain saw to remove.
2017-11-19Dave HumphreysBorder Path0.75Cleared and repacked water bars and removed trees and debris from trail 
2017-11-19Dave HumphreysRotch Path0.25Removed tree debris from trail. 
2018-01-07Anna MacDougallHalf Way Path1.5Removed some downed branches. Need to remove down tree from Path.will need to cleaning out of the two reverses, once the Winter is overremoval of down tree on Path between markers 1093 and 1110.
2018-02-10Bob VogelFive Corners Path3Picked up sticks, cleaned some of the non-frozen leaves out of water bars. No big branches or trees down.Did half the trail as part of DCR Blue Hills Walking Club/ Southeastern Hiking Meetup Group hike, led by Maggie Brown. (I made a sales pitch for FBH Trailwork and trail adoption to the 40+ folks on the hike. 🙂 Then, after the hike I went and finished the other half of the trail.
2018-02-10Bob FlaggBorder Path2Walked trail removing branches from trail and side ditches. Unblocked culverts at start of trail near Unquity Road, another below cutoff to Eustis Path and one at intersection with Rotch Path. Removed medium sized tree across trail just below Chestnut Run.Need to do further cleaning on culverts near Unquity; side ditch at Marker 1175 to the first grade reversal (about 100 feet) and side ditches from Chestnut Run up the hill past the Unquity cutoff. Also need to dig out the grade reversals further up the hill past Five Corners Path. This could be work for up to three groups.
2018-02-10Bob FlaggPuddle Path0.5Walked trail to review status, removed some branches from trail.Trail overall in good shape but needs work on the grade reversals at the beginning of the trail near Wolcott Path. These structures need a significant digout that could be a good work project for 6 people.
2018-03-05Bob VogelFive Corners Path2Cut two large trees across trail. Also removed a couple smaller tress and many, many smaller fallen branches.Where possible, trench areas where water collects, so it can more easily drain from the rail.There was a lot of water on the trail today. (But then again I have a pond in my front yard right now... ) Trail was passable.
2018-03-17Bob VogelFive Corners Path9Cleared all downed trees and branches from trail.Bobby VogelWell, there 'might' be another stick or two hidden under the snow, and (because of the snow) we couldn't see if there were any leaves in the water bars... but for now it's 'all done.'9 hours of HARD work to clear just over 1 mile of trail, and I had cleared if after the previous storm. There were no 'big' (chain saw required) trees across the trail, but countless small trees. Some broken off and laying across the trail, others bent down across the trail. Some hardwoods would spring up after being freed from the snow, most pines were too far bent over and had to be cut. But, as of this evening, Five Corners Path is again clear end to end.
2018-03-20Bob VogelAccord Path2Cut two downed trees near 1086. Also cut one 6" tree across the trail on the hill above 1086.Bobby Vogel