Become a Member/ Renew Your Membership

If you love hiking in the beautiful Blue Hills, then you’ll want to join 1,000 people like you to become a member of the Friends of the Blue Hills.

If people like you do not join the Friends of the Blue Hills, visitors will:

  • Lose parts of the park to development, like the recent proposal to build a hotel on parkland
  • Face unpleasant or even dangerous trail conditions, with erosion destroying trails, and trees and branches blocking paths
  • Miss seeing birds and animals because the forest health will degrade

I hope you will join the Friends of the Blue Hills because you know it will benefit everyone who visits the Blue Hills.

Please take a moment today to protect our natural treasure. Your membership will:

  • Protect the park from development threats, like private parking lots and hotels
  • Keep the trails safe for all visitors
  • Improve the habitat for the animals that depend on it

Thank you in advance for helping to protect the Blue Hills. For just $30 or more, you can join the Blue Hills… and protect it for years to come.

While a donation of any amount is always appreciated, membership categories are:

  • Basic Membership – $30
  • Ponkapoag Protector – $50
  • Hancock Hill Hero – $100
  • Skyline Steward – $250
  • Chickatawbut Champion – $500
  • Hilltop Society (see below) -$1,000 or more

Societies With a gift of $1,000 or more you will join the Hilltop Society and with a gift of any amount in your Will, you are welcomed into the Skyline Society. Click on these links to learn about the benefits of joining the Skyline and Hilltop Societies.