Become a Member

If you love hiking in the beautiful Blue Hills, then you’ll want to join 1,000 people like you to become a member of the Friends of the Blue Hills.

If people like you do not join the Friends of the Blue Hills, visitors will:

  • Lose parts of the park to development, like the recent proposal to build a hotel on parkland
  • Face unpleasant or even dangerous trail conditions, with erosion destroying trails, and trees and branches blocking paths
  • Miss seeing birds and animals because the forest health will degrade

I hope you will join the Friends of the Blue Hills because you know it will benefit everyone who visits the Blue Hills.

Please take a moment today to protect our natural treasure. Your membership will:

  • Protect the park from development threats, like private parking lots and hotels
  • Keep the trails safe for all visitors
  • Improve the habitat for the animals that depend on it

Thank you in advance for helping to protect the Blue Hills. For just $30 or more, you can join the Blue Hills… and protect it for years to come.

While a donation of any amount is always appreciated, membership categories are:

  • Basic Membership – $30
  • Ponkapoag Protector – $50
  • Hancock Hill Hero – $100
  • Skyline Steward – $250
  • Chickatawbut Champion – $500
  • Hilltop Society (see below) -$1,000 or more

Societies With a gift of $1,000 or more you will join the Hilltop Society and with a gift of any amount in your Will, you are welcomed into the Skyline Society. Click on these links to learn about the benefits of joining the Skyline and Hilltop Societies.

Instructions to Sponsor a Trail: Click the button below and in the donation form select “Sponsor a Trail” from the drop-down menu labeled “Please direct my donation to”. Sponsor a Trail and support the Blue Hills! For $35 or more, you or the person you wish to honor can be the official sponsor of a Blue Hills Trail! As a sponsor, your donation will support the trails and forests – and you or your honoree will receive an official certificate with the recipient’s name, occasion, and the name of the sponsored trail along with a trail map of the Blue Hills! Give one today to recognize those you care about who love the Blue Hills!