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The Blue Hills needs friends like you. By becoming a member you will help protect the park from development (like past proposals for a hotel and private parking lot!), help maintain the trails and keep the forests healthy!


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Friends of the Blue Hills News

Clues to the rock-solid businesses of history

On A-Live, join Director Judy Lehrer Jacobs and Al Bina on a small tour through time, uncovering the industrious history of the quarrying business in the Blue Hills. Learn about the transition that rock made from raw material into ready-to-build solid rock, to be...

The Blue Hills as a Trail Runners’ Playground

When we are born, we first learn to sit up. Then eventually we move about on all fours, crawling from spot to spot. Next we practice standing and taking our first steps, learning to walk and falling occasionally, but always getting back up. Then we master walking,...

Thank a tree today!

For many of us, seeing trees in our daily surroundings might be so common that we don’t stop to think about the important role that trees play in our lives. We might notice the natural beauty of a tree, particularly as autumn approaches, but we should also consider...

Blue Hills A-Live, a historic weather observatory

Imagine having continuous, homogeneous weather data from over 100 years. What trends and changes could we notice? What amazing storms would we be able to track? What innovations in weather measurement and data analysis would we witness? The Blue Hills Observatory has...

Blue Hills A-Live, discovering trees with Laura Beebe

Trees play an important role in our ecosystems. They provide shelter and food for many species, they dull noise from industry and traffic, and they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen! Learn in this episode of Blue Hills A-Live how trees act as important buffers in the...

What’s the buzz? Bee informed about those yellow and black stripes!

Any outdoor activity comes with potential small threats—things like sunburns, stormy weather, poison ivy, or twisting an ankle! But what about those yellow and black striped flying insects that we see? What are those things? Your first guess might be “It’s a wasp! I...

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