Blue Hills 125-Mile Club

For those who LOVE exploring the natural and historical treasures in every section of the Blue Hills!

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Do you love the Blue Hills and enjoy exploring the vast number of natural and historical treasures throughout the park? Do you want to put your boots down on every trail in the Blue Hills?  Do you want to belong to a community who also shares your love of exploring the park?

If so, then you are invited to sign-up for the 125-Mile Club!  You will join a community of Blue Hills loving explorers in a quest to see every part of the park and share your experiences with others!

What is the
125-Mile Club

The Blue Hills 125-Mile Club is a challenge to hike every trail within the Blue Hills Reservation.  And, by joining the 125-Mile Club, you will join a community of Blue Hills enthusiasts in sharing your hikes and your challenge journey.

Sign Up!

Use the Sign-up form below to Join the 125-Mile Club. When you sign up, you will receive a free Blue Hills guide featuring the new 2020 Blue Hills Reservation Trail map.  

The first 25 people to sign-up will receive a free Blue Hills poster.


Keep track of your hike – on your favorite trail app, or by marking your hike on your map!

Share & Connect!

Use #BlueHills125Club or #BHSkyliner to share pictures of your hike… or images of your last hike marked on a map or from your trail app!

Connect with others through 125-Mile Club posts on the Friends’ FacebookInstagram, and Twitter pages… or through the 125-Mile Club posts section below.


The first 25 people to sign-up will receive a free Blue Hills poster.

Blue Hills Skyliner
Commemorative Patch

Hike all of the Skyline – end to end – and receive a special Blue Hills Skyliner patch!

125-Mile Club
Commemorative Patch

Hike all of the Blue Hills trails and receive a Blue Hills 125-Mile Club patch!

Shout Out!  Be recognized in monthly Shout Outs  – on social media and below – on the 25th of every month.  Shout Outs will celebrate folks who have reached their 25, 50, 75, 100, and 125 mile milestones!


The map you start with you get to finish with, you only have to do the trails on your map at the time of purchase. You don’t have to do any trails that might be added after you bought your map, and you do not have to do trails that DCR removes before you get a chance to hike it!  If a trail is marked as closed, you should not do that trail… simply indicate that it is closed on your map.

Only trails completed after you sign-up for the 125-Mile Club counts toward the challenge.  All trails you hike, bike, or run within that time counts!  If you say you’ve done a trail, then you’ve done that trail.

Once you have completed the 125-Mile Club challenge, you will have a well-worn and marked map showing all the progress you made!  Blue Hill Skyliners and 125-Mile Club Finishers will also be listed below!

Sign-up for the Blue Hills 125-Mile Club

The 125-Mile Club is free to join!  We will need the following information to send you goodies, like patches!  

Support the Blue Hills 125-Mile Club and the Blue Hills Trails!

While joining the 125-Mile Club is free, there are costs associated with patches… and caring for the trails.  

Consider making a $10 donation to cover the cost of your patches.  Or donate to cover the cost of patches for others.  

Better yet, consider becoming a Friends of the Blue Hills member!  With your membership, you will receive a free 2020 Blue Hills map and you will be helping to ensure the trails are clear and passable all year long!

By the Numbers

Did you know that the Blue Hills spans 5 towns, 7,000-acres, and nearly 125-miles of trails?

Miles of Trails

125-Mile Club Members


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Blue Hills Skyliners


125-Mile Club Finishers

Section Gallery

The Blue Hills is comprised of six sections, Blue Hill, Houghton’s Pond, Chickatawbut, Quincy Quarries, Ponkapoag Pond, and Fowl Meadow.  By participating in the 125-Mile Club, you’ll explore them all!  Click on the maps below to see the sections.

Blue Hill

Houghton’s Pond


Quincy Quarries

Ponkapoag Pond

Fowl Meadow

photo credits: above, Ponkapoag Dreamscape, by M. Manarotta; Three Kids Atop Rock Mountain, by Sean Leahy; Foggy Sunrise, by Sarah Arroyo Aul; and Adventure is Out There, Michael York.