Custom Blue Hills Trail Maps

Not sure how best to tackle all 125 miles? Use these custom trail maps to help with your route planning. Eventually we’ll have custom maps for every section of the Blue Hills. All available maps can be found below!

Trail map of the Blue Hills broken out into sections. Blue Hill is labeled number 1, highlighted blue. Houghton's Pond is number 2, highlighted pink. Chickatawbut is number 3, highlighted yellow. Quincy Quarries is number 4, highlighted red. Fowl Meadow is number 5, highlighted green. And Ponkapoag Pond is number 6, highlighted orange.

Blue Hills Sections

The Blue Hills can be divided into the following six sections, as indicated on the map to the left.


  1. Blue Hill
  2. Houghton’s Pond
  3. Chickatawbut
  4. Quincy Quarries
  5. Fowl Meadow
  6. Ponkapoag Pond