Thank you!

Thank you for signing the petition to support funding for the Blue Hills Trailside Museum and the Blue Hill Observatory!

By signing the petition, you join others who love the Blue Hills and are taking steps to protect and maintain it!

Let your friends know you signed it — and please encourage them to sign as well!  The more people who sign, the more likely that Governor Charlie Baker will retain funding for both the Trailside Museum and the Blue Hills Observatory!


Please encourage your friends to sign the petition by copying and pasting the below link into an email… or social media!

Petition to Support Trailside Museum and Observatory

Thank you again for protecting the Blue Hills!

8 Responses to “Thank you!”

  1. Anne Ladd says:

    please preserve funding for the Blue Hills observatory and Trailside Museum. They have a lot of educational value.

  2. Duncan S. Martin says:

    Gov. Baker,

    We sincerely hope that you will support funding for the Blue Hills Trailside Museum and the Blue Hill Observatory. My wife and we hike the hill often, have lunch up there, and love the views.

    I am a member of the Observatory and read their publications cover to cover. We are excited to see how their educational workshops benefit many of our young people.

    The Observatory’s research and collection of data has made it possible for severe weather, potentially costly to us all, to be more accurately predicted. That alone should garner your support.

    Best regards,

    Duncan S. Martin
    Sandra K. Pilotto

  3. Lindsay Trementozzi says:

    I spent a number of years as a part-time volunteer at the Blue Hill Oservatory since, as a teacher in the Boston Public Schools, my summers allowed me that opportunity. It is a working observatory on a beautiful reservation, and we cannot allow it to lose this funding. So much state funding is wasted on silly projects; this is NOT a silly project and it absolutely needs to be protected. Please, please make the wise decision not to cut funding for these valuable resources: the observatory and the Trailside Museum! It would be a terrible tragedy to lose these. Thank you.

  4. Miles Howard says:

    We live in a time of steadily worsening weather. To cut funding for an institution that strives to help adults and kids understand how our climate system works is the epitome of penny wise and pound foolish.

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