Town: Canton

Volunteer activities with FBH: Judge for the FBH Photo Contest.

Favorite Hike in the Blue Hills: Skyline trail from Trailside to the Shea Rink. Unbelievable views, quiet spots around very corner, and pristine trails.  A nice challenge for a Sunday afternoon.

Favorite thing to do in the Blue Hills: There is so much to do in the Blue Hills.  Superb photo spots, watching the seasons pass, and catching a glimpse of Red Tailed Hawks soaring through the sky.

Funniest thing that happened at the Blue Hills: After a three hour hike… spending five hours rehydrating at Norwood Hospital… Drink, Drink, Drink!!!! Not funny, but a word to the wise.  Folks sometimes underestimate the challenge and even for a day-hike you have to be prepared.

Favorite activities with Friends of the Blue Hills: Enjoying showing off the amazing trail system that is minutes away from downtown Boston. Having a quiet snack on Buck Hill is great.