Name:    Susan Sharkey

Town:   Randolph

Volunteer activities:   Trail maintenance

FBH member since:  2009

Favorite Hike: Walking around the great swamp area.

Favorite thing to do in the Blue Hills:  Hiking, looking at wildflowers, birds, meeting other hikers on the trails

Funniest thing that happened at the Blue Hills:  A few winters ago there was a lot of snow on the ground so I decided to take a short cut over a hill to get to another trail.  I had to skirt around fallen logs, trees and large rocks.  After a while I realized it was taking longer than it should.  I finally came upon another set of snowshoe tracks, looked around and realized they were mine.  I kept taking right turns to get around objects and went in a full circle to end up where I started.  I should have taken some left turns to keep on a straighter path to get to my destination!

Favorite activities with Friends of the Blue Hills:  Trail work