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The Blue Hills needs friends like you. By becoming a member you will help protect the park from development (like past proposals for a hotel and private parking lot!), help maintain the trails and keep the forests healthy!


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Friends of the Blue Hills News

Want to make (no) difference?

Want to make a big difference to our parks? Sometimes the best thing to do for our parks is to make no difference at all! When you “Leave No Trace,” you’ll help protect all of our conservation lands. Why should we ‘Leave No Trace”? Simply put, we are all responsible...

Disappearing trees in the Blue Hills and around

Although it may seem like there are a lot of trees (especially in the Blue Hills!), we're actually losing trees... and as Laura Beebe describes, that is a problem that is rather difficult to solve. Learn about the important and surprising roles that trees play-- from...

7 Quick Tips for Hiking in the Summer Heat

This summer heat can be quite oppressive, but you shouldn’t let it keep you from getting outside and hiking! Hot temperatures can be a danger, but only if you are unprepared. Read about some tips and accessories that can help make your summer hiking a safe and fun...

A Runner’s Playground

We all love a good day on the trails hiking, but have you ever thought about picking up the pace and going for a run on the trails? On Blue Hills A-Live, trail runner Tess Harvey tells us why the Blue Hills are great for trail running, the benefits of taking your run...

What’s bugging them? Discover threats to insects!

The Blue Hills are alive in many ways. We hear birds sing, see animal prints in the mud, and smell the beautiful flowers (and sneeze from their pollen). There is also so much life crawling in the grass or flying around us--I'm talking about the insects! Bugs are an...

3 Historic sites in the Blue Hills that you didn’t know about

When you hear about the Blue Hills Reservation, perhaps your mind immediately jumps to treks around Houghton’s Pond or the beautiful views from Great Blue Hill or the otter at the Trailside Museum. You might not know about some of the historic sites that are actually...

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