Friends of the Blue Hills helps maintain the Reservation's 125 miles of trails, control invasive plants that threaten endangered species, and advocate for policies that protect the park from inappropriate development.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Liz Tran
liz tran and

How long have you been going to the Blue Hills?
I’ve been going to the Blue Hills since high school, so roughly 10 years? That seems like such a long time!

What is your favorite spot in the Blue Hills?
Any spot with a view. We tend to frequent Buck Hill when in the Blue Hills. I like the Blue Hills because there is just a plethora of hikes you can choose from whether it be easy, hard, long or short. It just depends on the trail(s) you take and what you make of it.

Do you like to hike alone or with company?
I usually hike with my fiancĂ©, Chris. And no outdoor adventure is complete without our sidekick, Milo, a Shiba Inu. He’s been hiking since he was a puppy and enjoys it as much as we do.

What volunteer activities do you do for the Friends of the Blue Hills?
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Want to hike the Blue Hills, but don't know where to begin? Click here for recommendations to the best hiking near Boston. If you're interested in hiking Boston and Boston hiking, the Blue Hills Reservation offers great hikes near Boston. If you want to go hiking around Boston, be sure to check our suggested Boston hikes in the Blue Hills. The Blue Hills also offers a good place to find a South Shore MA mountain biking trail and you'll enjoy great Boston birding and birding near Boston. You'll also find a great swimming hole south of Boston at the Blue Hills Reservation and in general, great family fun South Shore.