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Friends of the Blue Hills News

The changing ecology at Quincy Quarries

Rick Kesseli is back to talk about how human development can change the flora and fauna in an area. At Quincy Quarries, mankind has been changing the land for the past 200 years. Learn about the types of native and non-native species that reside there now and...

Hidden History at Lyon’s Turning Mill

Did you know that the northeastern-most part of the Blue Hills helped fuel a booming business that provided granite to many historic monuments and buildings? Just next door to the Blue Hills lies the amazing remains of the Lyon's Turning Mill. Explore the historic...

Rock climbing at Quincy Quarries

Check out this week's Blue Hills A-Live to learn about rock climbing in Quincy Quarries in the Blue Hills. Doug Martland from Eastern Mountain Sports tells us how to get started, identify good routes, and how to get climbing in Quincy Quarries!

Discovering what lies on top of the Blue Hills

In this week, on Blue Hills A-Live, we learn from Rick Kesseli about the plant life that survives on top of these Blue Hills. Next time you climb Great Blue, Buck, or Chickatawbut hill, be sure to not only take in the vast views but to observe the life right at your...

Carnivorous Plants in the Blue Hills

Let Emmi be your guide to these unusual, carnivorous Blue Hills plants on this week's Blue Hills A-Live!

Blue Hills A-Live: Meadow Habitat

There are some habitats that are filled with interesting species that rely on humans to be maintained. Learn about the species of birds and plants that exist in the meadow at Brookwood farm, how it is being maintained, what threatens these species, and more on Blue...

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