The Dedham Transcript reports that residents in Dedham and Westwood oppose the MWRA’s proposal to build a huge billboard in front of the Route 128 train station because it’s ugly… and would block their view of the scenic Blue Hills. We applaud Rep Paul McMurtry for opposing the billboard. (See below for his reaction.) See Click here to read Edward B Colby’s article on line. Here are some excerpts:

Dedham and Westwood officials rose in opposition today to a large billboard the cash-strapped MBTA wants to erect in front of the Rte. 128 train station parking garage, arguing that it is “not a suitable location” and violates federal guidelines.

Residents of Whitewood Road in Westwood called the two-sided billboard – which would be 48 feet long and 14 feet high, and stand 85 feet above the ground – an “eyesore” that would ruin their beautiful views of Blue Hills Reservation.

State Rep. Paul McMurtry, a Democrat who represents Dedham and Westwood, spoke first against the proposal. He said one factor stands out: “This location is in direct sightline of both residents in Dedham and in Westwood.”

“While I certainly can understand and know wholeheartedly the plight of the MBTA and their financial concerns, this is certainly not a suitable location,” McMurtry said. “And I strongly encourage you, with due respect, to deny this application.”