Carole Saia, Quincy

What do you like to do best in the Blue Hills?

Usually, walk.  I usually take a walk with my 24-year old daughter who also lives in Quincy.

How long have you been visiting the Blue Hills?

I’ve lived in Quincy since the early 80s and grew up in Weymouth, but I know about one trail until recently.   It was my daughter who discovered many more trails.  After she graduated from college and moved back to Quincy, she discovered new places and we’ve been going together the last couple of years.

Can you describe what you were doing or thinking when you took the photo?

I think the biggest thing for me is I consider being in the Blue Hills a spiritual exercise.  I think of it as walking meditation.  It helps you see the beauty of natural world and helps you be in the moment.  That’s why I make cards with photos of the Blue Hills.  You can take what you see and remember how enjoyable nature can be.

What would you like people to see or feel when they look at your photo?

An appreciation of the beauty of the Blue Hills and all there is to do there.  We have this place that is so close by, but people don’t know the wealth of things to do over there.  I always knew about the Trailside and we knew about the Ski Area, but we didn’t have the knowledge of the whole wealth of the Blue Hills and what it had to offer.

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