Do you snowshoe in the Blue Hills?

Although there’s still  not enough snow on the ground to snowshoe, we’re looking for your recommendations for our next newsletter!  Do you snowshoe in the Blue Hills?  What are your favorite trails?


4 Responses to “Do you snowshoe in the Blue Hills?”

  1. Steve Cobble says:

    see ‘website’ for link to Winter Buzz…all about sshoeing experiences in the Blue Hills…

  2. Steve Cobble says:

    Yes, I snowshoe Blue Hills. past few years, found that it’s the best way to enjoy winter when there’s snow on the ground…the modern snowshoe is made to go Up and Over everything. When not quite enough snow, Micro Spikes are great insurance against slipping on icy rocks….
    When there’s not so much snow on the ground, I ride my mountain bike, of course!

  3. Bob Flagg says:

    There are a variety of trails for all skill levels. For the beginners, the Green Dot around Ponkapoag is relatively flat and offers many access points. You can get a nice view of Big Blue from Fisherman’s Beach. Another nice trail is Wolcott Path. If traveling with others, leave one car at the end of the trail on Rt 138 and start from the DCR HQ on Hillside St. The trail has a modest grade and you can finish your trip by visiting the Trailside Museum.
    For the adventerous, choose the Skyline Trail from Rt 138. Put on your snowshoes with crampons and test your skills going up Big Blue. The views are stellar and the workout tremendous. Take the Red Dot down for a change of scenery. Get off the couch and ENJOY.

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