Dry Feet at Ponkapoag

This year, you can check out Ponkapoag boardwalk without even getting your feet wet.  Thanks to dry weather and the work the DCR has done to rebuild the boardwalk through the bog, you can enjoy the wonders of the unique plants and animals in this part of the park — with dry feet.




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  1. kev gargiulo says:

    can sum 1 tell me where trail starts plz. kevcat1@gmail.com

    • Good question! The closest parking lot to Ponkapoag bordwalk is the at Exit 3 Houghton’s Pond. Park in the stub of Blue Hill River Road, to the South of Route 93. If you’re driving North on Route 93, you’ll take Exit 3 and then take a right. (If you go the wrong way and take a left, you’ll see signs for Houghton’s Pond. Just turn around.) Drive just a few feet and park so you’re not blocking the gate to the gravel road. Walk down the path to marker 5241 and take a right. The Boardwalk is near the YMCA Camp, near marker 5176. You’ll see a sign that marks the beginning of the boardwalk. Continue on the boardwalk until you see the open water of the lake.

      All the markers I mention are listed on the trail map, so be sure to pick one up at the Trailside Museum or Blue Hills Headquarters before you go. Let us know how what you think!

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