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Invasion of the Gypsy Moths!

The winter is a great time to take steps to control caterpillars that cover your lawn and eat the trees in your yard – and in the Blue Hills.  See the video – and come to the event this Saturday at the Wakefield Estate to help control caterpillars in the Blue Hills!

Get Your Kids Outside!

Your kids will get more than just fresh air when they visit the Blue Hills!  On this week’s Blue Hills A-Live, learn about the benefits of taking your kids to the Blue Hills (and to any natural area)!


Six Things to Do Before Taking Your Dog to the Blue Hills

By Melissa Nelson

Bella and I have been hiking the trails in the Blue Hills Reservation often since August, and boy have we learned a lot since we started. One thing we learned is that preparation is the key to having a good time and avoiding trouble. Here’s how we prepare for our hikes.

1.   Know your dog

When going through puppy training with Bella, I soon learned that she is a forger, meaning she will almost always be trying to lead the way while on leash. She’s a muscular pup, so sometimes her pulling makes it uncomfortable to walk […]

Making Dangerous Crossings Safer on the Skyline Trail

The Skyline trail is a favorite among many hikers, stretching from one end to the other in the Blue Hills Reservation. To hike this trail from end-to-end means crossing some high traffic roads that can be dangerous—particularly Routes 28 and 138. In this week’s episode of “Blue Hills A-Live,” Canton Selectman Mark Porter reveals some of the challenges and potential solutions to these dangerous crossings.

Mark Porter discusses the challenges of making the Skyline saferRead about the challenges (or watch to the video above!)

The great news is that thanks to all your advocacy and working […]

Tips for Dog Walking in the Blue Hills

The Blue Hills is a great place to take your dog, but according to Melissa Nelson, you’ll enjoy it a lot more if you follow a few simple tips.


To read more about bringing your dog to the Blue Hills, check out Six Things To Do Before Taking Your Dog to the Blue Hills!

Winter Biking… the unusual winter sport

Steve Cobble, avid all-weather biker, gives tips on mountain biking in the Blue Hills… especially in the winter!





Tips for Winter Hiking

This Week on Blue Hills A-Live, your weekly guide to the Blue Hills, Steve Olanoff gives tips for keeping warm when you’re hiking in this chilly weather…  You’ll also hear a little-known tidbit about Hancock Hill.  (Do you know who use to own it?)



Transcript: Blue Hills A-Live interview with Les Tyrala

Blue Hills A-Live interview with Les Tyrala Watch the video.

Judy Jacobs: Have you ever walked up Great Blue Hill from the Trailside Museum on the Red Dot trail? Have you ever thought about how unique it is? How Great Blue is the highest point around, and the rocks that you scramble up to get to the summit are pretty unique to southern New England?

Today you might get a different perspective on a place that might be very familiar to you.

I’m Judy Lehrer Jacobs, the executive director of the Friends of the Blue Hills, and I’m with […]

Hidden Creatures of the Blue Hills

Hidden under leaves and on trees, are fascinating creatures…  snake-mimics and… bird-poop mimics.  Sam Jaffe shows all.

Sneak Peek at the Eustis Estate

The Eustis Estate sits right next to the Blue Hills…  come to the Annual Celebration this Thursday, October 5th to learn how.  And watch the video with Peter Gittleman to get  insights into the Eustis Estate and it’s rich history.

What’s Invading the Blue Hills?

Some of the forests in the Blue Hills are threatened…  listen to Rick Kesseli, UMass Boston Chair of the Biology Department, to learn how during Blue Hills A-Live, the Facebook Live show.  Join us for the next one, Tuesday, 1pm on October 10th.


What an Ultra-marathon Runner Sees

David Dobrindt runs over 1,500 miles in the Blue Hills each year.  Watch to see the Blue Hills from the eyes of an ultra-marathon athlete.

Blue Hills A-Live — Interview with Geologist Les Tyrala

In the video below, geologist, Les Tyrala, reveals the unique geologic history of Great Blue Hill.

Read the transcript.

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