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Underwater Secrets: Vernal Pools

Have you ever wondered about these small bodies of water that only appear in the spring? Those are vernal pools and they are teeming with life! On this episode of Blue Hills A-Live, your weekly guide to the Blue Hills, Kyla Bennett reveals the importance of these temporary pools, how to find them, what lives inside (and what doesn’t), and how we can protect the delicate ecosystem.

Watch part 1 and part 2 below!

Read the transcripts for Part 1 or Part 2.


Brookwood Farm Transcript

Blue Hills A-Live: Brookwood Farm A Facebook live interview with Sara Rostampour

Judy Jacobs: The Blue Hills are for more than just hiking. Today we will visit Brookwood Farm where you will learn all about the history of farming in the Blue Hills. I’m Judy Lehrer Jacobs, the Executive Director of Friends of the Blue Hills. Sara Rostampour: I’m Sara Rostampour. I’m the new farm manager at Brookwood Community Farm. We want to hear from you! If you have visited Brookwood or have questions about Brookwood Farm, please let us know in the comments. You are watching Blue Hills A-Live, […]

What Thoreau knew can help the Blue Hills

This week, Dr. Richard Primack, a biologist at Boston University, talks to us about how environmental scientists are tracking the phenology, or timing of ecological events, in New England. Listen to this week’s episode to learn about how the landscape, flora, and fauna are changing with the climate.

Read the transcript.


The Blue Hills is more than just trees, hills, and hiking…

This week on Blue Hills A-Live, Sara Rostampour from Brookwood Community Farm talks to us about the history of the land, as well as the current farming projects and volunteering opportunities at this local farm.

Read the transcript about Brookwood Farm.



Invisible but critical: what about the watershed?

This week, Ian Cooke of the Neponset River Watershed Association talks to us about how the watershed impacts life in the Blue Hills and how the Blue Hills, in turn, might impact the surrounding area!


Eliot Tower… the history and the future

This week, Karl Pastore of the Department of Conservation and Recreation reveals the history of Eliot Tower, including a description of the tower’s namesake, the young boys that built the tower and the construction that was completed on the tower the day the video was taken!

How Can Nature Help Your Kids?

When you take your kids to the Blue Hills, you are giving them more than just some fresh air and a beautiful view! According to Blue Hills A-Live guest, Kelly Majmudar, bringing young children into nature offers many benefits beyond the sights and sounds.

Kelly writes the blog Wike Baby and has always enjoyed the outdoors, participating in programs like “Nature and Me” with her elementary school class as well as bringing friends along for hikes up Great Blue Hill and she shares with us some of the ways your children will grow positively from being in nature and […]

What’s so special about Ponkaopag bog?

If you’ve ever been to the Ponkapoag boardwalk, you know that it’s different from every other place in the Blue Hills… and pretty unique in eastern Massachusetts too!  You’ll learn about one of the key reasons why Ponkapoag is so special in this week’s Blue Hills A-Live with Professor Rick Kesseli of UMass Boston.

Tips for Bringing Young Children on a Hike

Will you be taking your kids into the Blue Hills? Perhaps you and your family will join us at our free event—Winter Fest, Tuesday February 27th at the Blue Hills Ski Area from 5pm-8pm. There will be live music, a chili cook off, crafts and activities for the kids, hiking, and more!

Have you wanted to bring your kids or grandkids to the Blue Hills but aren’t sure how to prepare? Well we have some great tips for bringing kids to the Blue Hills from Kelly Majmudar, mother and hiker! Kelly has always enjoyed the outdoors, participating in programs […]

Invasion of the Gypsy Moths!

The winter is a great time to take steps to control caterpillars that cover your lawn and eat the trees in your yard – and in the Blue Hills.  See the video – and come to the event this Saturday at the Wakefield Estate to help control caterpillars in the Blue Hills!

Get Your Kids Outside!

Your kids will get more than just fresh air when they visit the Blue Hills!  On this week’s Blue Hills A-Live, learn about the benefits of taking your kids to the Blue Hills (and to any natural area)!


Six Things to Do Before Taking Your Dog to the Blue Hills

By Melissa Nelson

Bella and I have been hiking the trails in the Blue Hills Reservation often since August, and boy have we learned a lot since we started. One thing we learned is that preparation is the key to having a good time and avoiding trouble. Here’s how we prepare for our hikes.

1.   Know your dog

When going through puppy training with Bella, I soon learned that she is a forger, meaning she will almost always be trying to lead the way while on leash. She’s a muscular pup, so sometimes her pulling makes it uncomfortable to walk […]

Making Dangerous Crossings Safer on the Skyline Trail

The Skyline trail is a favorite among many hikers, stretching from one end to the other in the Blue Hills Reservation. To hike this trail from end-to-end means crossing some high traffic roads that can be dangerous—particularly Routes 28 and 138. In this week’s episode of “Blue Hills A-Live,” Canton Selectman Mark Porter reveals some of the challenges and potential solutions to these dangerous crossings.

Mark Porter discusses the challenges of making the Skyline safer.  (Read about the challenges or watch to the video above!)

The great news is that thanks to all your advocacy and working […]

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