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Hidden Creatures of the Blue Hills

Hidden under leaves and on trees, are fascinating creatures…  snake-mimics and… bird-poop mimics.  Sam Jaffe shows all.

Sneak Peek at the Eustis Estate

The Eustis Estate sits right next to the Blue Hills…  come to the Annual Celebration this Thursday, October 5th to learn how.  And watch the video with Peter Gittleman to get  insights into the Eustis Estate and it’s rich history.

What’s Invading the Blue Hills?

Some of the forests in the Blue Hills are threatened…  listen to Rick Kesseli, UMass Boston Chair of the Biology Department, to learn how during Blue Hills A-Live, the Facebook Live show.  Join us for the next one, Tuesday, 1pm on October 10th.


What an Ultra-marathon Runner Sees

David Dobrindt runs over 1,500 miles in the Blue Hills each year.  Watch to see the Blue Hills from the eyes of an ultra-marathon athlete.

Blue Hills A-Live — Interview with Geologist Les Tyrala

In the video below, geologist, Les Tyrala, reveals the unique geologic history of Great Blue Hill.

Read the transcript.

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