Milton 4th Graders Tell You What to Look For After You Go Outside

Throughout the month of April, fourth graders at all four Milton elementary schools learned about healthy forests and the growing prob­lem of Lyme Disease in our community. Students saw live ticks in petri dishes and learned the steps they could take to help prevent Lyme disease.  As part of the “Go Out and Play; Check Everyday” program, students developed posters like these to help others reduce their risk of Lyme disease.

Many thanks to Milton Public Schools teachers and administrators – and to the students who created such great posters!  Look for them at the schools, library and Police Station.

Learn more about Lyme disease and our efforts to reduce your risk.


6 Responses to “Milton 4th Graders Tell You What to Look For After You Go Outside”

  1. Caroline Kinsella says:

    I love the pictures Judy! Keep spreading the word about ticks. I am getting many Lyme disease reports here at the Board of Health. Kudos!

  2. Lori Henry says:

    Great work on behalf of our fourth grade Future Problem Solvers and the Friends of the Blue Hills! Thank you for all of your efforts to inform our community on this very important topic!

  3. Denny Swenson says:

    Way to go Milton 4th graders. It was hard to choose these few from so many outstanding submissions! Great slogans and art work!

  4. Ale says:

    Wow! This is amazing! 🙂

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