Help name the Blue Hills’ own ‘Amazing Race’!

To celebrate our 35th year anniversary, we’re organizing a 35-place challenge, where people are encouraged to visit 35 places on a list to be entered into a raffle for a prize. 

Because we’ve been told “Amazing Race’ is already taken, we need your help with a name!

Put on your creative caps and send tell us your ideas!


Here are some ideas for starters:

  • 35 Must See Challenge
  • The 35 Blue Hills Find
  • Blue Hills Bucket List 35

Like any of these?  We’d love to see yours!

17 Responses to “Help name the Blue Hills’ own ‘Amazing Race’!”

  1. Conor Brosnan says:

    Blue 35

  2. Laurent says:

    35 MBH (Magnificent Blue Hillsviews)

  3. Sally DeFrancesco says:

    Hunt for special spots….

  4. Sally DeFrancesco says:

    Hunt for 35 special Blue Hill spots…..

  5. Brian Kelley says:

    Peek a Blue 35

  6. Theresa says:

    Blue Hills Treasure Hunt

  7. Melanie McDunner says:

    Blue Hills Amazing Places

  8. Charlie Fraser says:

    Magnificence of Nature XXXV Challenge #1

  9. Joe Joyce says:

    The Big Blue 35 to do

  10. Joe Joyce says:

    Big Blue 35 to do
    (Like a Big Toodoo)not sure of spelling
    or Big Blue 35 see and do.

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