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On the dike along Ponky just past the dam heading back to the barn

Frozen crimson crabapple berries thaw under the rising temperatures. As spring approaches, hope glistens. Behind the Blue Hills Trailside Museum Milton, Massachusetts

The yearling red fox at Blue Hills Trailside Museum (February 2018)

“The eyes are the mirror to the soul”…Blue Hills Trailside Museum

Early Morning sighting of a Copperhead with a breakfast mouse. Encountered this bronze beauty in the saddle between Nahanton and Chickatawbot Hills

Along the Boardwalk in the Ponkapoag Pond area

Sunset from AMC Cabin at Ponkapoag Pond

From the beach – a lovely view of the sky.

The snow melt streaming down the trail froze in beautiful thin, terraced slabs. Taken 2/3/18 on the way up the Great Blue Hill on the Skyline Trail from Rt. 138.

Early morning hike form South to North Skyline

Ruby-throated female hummingbird at the feeding station – Blue Hills Trailside Museum grounds

Sunset – Skyline trail near Blue Hill Observatory

I’ve seen this great blue heron at this spot a lot. It caught this fish in the bigger of the St. Moritz Ponds.

A swamp sparrow in the early morning light at Fowl Meadow.

A deer near Moritz Pond in October.

His first time “mountain climbing” on Great Blue Hill!

Along the boardwalk in Ponkapoag

Houghton’s Pond early morning the day after a big snow storm, I took my one year on her sled around the pond. It was serene and magical.

March 8, after a 14″ snowfall. Yellow Triangle trail near Wildcat Notch. Complete disorientation. Could not find a trail to walk on, everything was a bushwhack, blazes on the trees were obliterated.

This Deer was deep in thought as I also quietly strolled along the paths by the Hillside Pond.

Hiking with the kids is fun but often our eyes are so focused on them we forget to look around or in this case… look up – this was taken near the chickatawbut overlook.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland off Chickatawbut.

A snowy walk takes a romantic turn on the way up Big Blue via Summit Road.

This scene at Brookwood Farm entices those passing by to stop and take a photo. If you time it just right, the maple syrup buckets are hanging from the taps.

So nice here. Just early spring coming up in a few weeks!

This was taken at the maple sugar festival at brookwood farm! Our big guy loved the tractor

I took this photo of a red-tailed hawk near the Blue Hills Reservoir.

enter at top of forest st on chickatawbut…headquarters path for a field of lady slippers (7) 🙂

these 2 were off a portion of headquarters path near chickatawbut

Photo taken in October 2017 at sunset looking west from the top of the Great Blue Hill

“Just as the caterpillar thought her life was over, She began to fly.”

A young spotted turtle just off the trail at Fowl Meadow.

A white-tailed deer grazes on Nahanton Hill.

Looking towards Boston, obscured by a snow squall.

Winter hike on the way to buck hill

This was taken near Hougtons Pond

Walking the trails off West Street in Braintree

March 10, 2018. Up the red dot trail. 545am.

Along the boardwalk at Ponkapoag bog

July 4th Fireworks from the summit of Blue Hills sitting under the chair lift

Homes waiting for Spring visitors to arrive

Winter in Blue Hills, play misty for me!

Daddy teaches our little guy casting with a practice fish 🐠 at Houghtons Pond

We love getting the kids outdoors as often as possible, teaching hiking and exploring at a young age to encourage curiousity and kindness to nature. This is by Tucker Hill Path.

A mysterious stick sculpture spied trailside in the Chickatawbut area.

Walking on a random trail near Rattlesnake Hill.

snowshoeing on Burma Rd. Fowl Meadow.

Tree down on Ponkapog Trail by Fisherman’s Beach 03/04/2018

Photo taken in the fall of 2017 at Fowl Meadow looking to the Blue Hills..

A mated pair of spotted sandpipers at the Blue Hills Reservoir.

This woodpecker was drumming for a mate last spring. I got the shot in the area off West St. in Braintree.

Heading up the trail towards the store tower. Starting near the hotel.

Hiking the side of Blue Hills rock path.

Buck Hill hike on Thanksgiving with my sister!

Looking down from the top of the ski slopes

Two retired raceshorses, Chief Pawhuska & Tom Kitten, cooling off at Houghton’s Pond with their
owners; Sam McCracken & Lizzie Anstey.

A brisk Fall day at Ponkapoag Pond

Summer sunset descending Great Blue Hill

Fall path on Buck Hill

Ponkapoag Pond during a winter storm. Surprised to see I was not the only avid hiker out that day.

On the Skyline trail near Chikatawbut Hill

Near Chikatawbut Overlook, following the Skyline

On one of the hills following the Skyline

A large snapping turtle moves toward the water in Fowl Meadow.

Colorful trees reflected in the calm water of Houghton’s Pond, Milton.(2014)

Garter snake found going into the river along a path bathed in sunlight

Eliot Tower and Weather Observatory from the sky.

Careful…Snake crossing! (Buck Hill)

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