Seasons of the Blue Hills: Photo Contest Voting

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At Blue Hill Observatory. Sunrise 6:40 AM from second story window of observer’s office.

Stairway to Heaven (Leading to Tower Hill?). A rotated version of my first submission.

My husband and I were walking the trail around the south side of Ponkapoag when he spotted a garter snake warming itself in the sun on the path to catch a little heat at the end of September.

View of downtown Boston from the top of Great Blue Hill during the fall foliage.

Clockwise from top left: fall, winter, spring, summer

This was taken on Prowse Farm at the base of the Blue Hills in Canton. It was a striking scene and the stunning blue appearance is accurately reflected here.

This image was taken while on one of my early morning Fall mountain bike rides. One of the great things about riding at the crack of dawn (besides the sense of peace) is the light and the dramatic change the

The picture tells the story after an invigorating climb!

Winter hiking on small trail near Ponkapoag Pond

Beautiful Blue Hills foliage colors at Hillside Pond off Hillside Street

Father and daughter enjoying a fun break during a snowshoe through Blue Hills, with a stop at Houghton’s Pond – shake off those hiking legs!


Little Blue: fungus on a fallen branch

Vibrant Fall Colors at Houghton’s Pond

Saint Moritz ponds
late afternoon, late fall

Trail by the museum

View from The Observation Tower “Reflections of Mother Nature”

Snow covered, icicle-decorated bird house by Houghton’s Pond

Love how this shows the variety of choice at Houghton’s – leaf peeping, swimming, walking, and the access for those with disabilities, as well.


Sunset from Big Blue

Stone Tower

Saint Moritz Ponds

Skyline trail

This picture was taken on Buck Hill.

On top of Big Blue.

Seasons of the Blue Hills

Skyline trail.

Looking north
November 6, 2016

November, 2016

Looking at Blue Hills from Dedham!

This Cardinal was waiting for Spring (and his girlfriend) near the Trailside Museum.

These wonderful huskies were awaiting the “Dog Sled Fun Run” at Houghton’s Pond.

This cardinal didn’t seem bothered at all by the snowstorm.

I was hiking up one of the trails toward the tower and observatory, when I saw this snake squirming around in the path. A first look suggested that it had legs near its head, but closer inspection revealed that it

Walking along the path on the western edge of Ponkapoag, puddles accumulate after spring rains. On several occasions, I have found green frogs hanging out in this area.


Taken while snowshoeing at the Ponkapoag Golf Course on Jan 25, 2014.

top of Buck Hill looking south. taken June 3, 2017

Houghton’s Pond

Was fishing in Ponkapog Pond and took this picture. Not much more to say.

This was taken in Fall of 2016 on Walking trail behind Houghton’s Pond.

Love how this shows the variety of choice at Houghton’s – leaf peeping, swimming, walking, and the access for those with disabilities, as well.

Taken in Fall of 2016 at Houghton’s pond on a solitary walk.

Sunrise on the clouds from the top of the tower

Freezing, thawing, the surrounding flora, and of course the sun with shadows, all contributed to this scene at the swamp near Houghton’s Pond.

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