Protect Wildlife Sample Letter

Thank you for helping to protect the part of the Blue Hills called Indian Line Farm and the nearby state park Farnham-Connolly Memorial Park.  Below you’ll find a sample letter.  Don’t forget to personalize it.  Let us know if you have questions (  You’ll find general information on the ice rink proposal.  Thank you so much!

Feel free to send your letter snail mail, or via email:

Sample Letter

Secretary Matthew A. Beaton
Executive Office of Environmental Affairs
100 Cambridge Street, Suite 900
Boston, MA 02114

Dear Secretary Beaton,

I hope you will protect the valuable habitat in the part of the Blue Hills called Indian Line Farm and the nearby Farnham-Connolly Memorial Park.

Both of these state lands lie within the Ponkapoag-Fowl Meadow Critical Area of Environmental Concern, which emphasizes their ecologic value.  They provide rare habitat to wetland species, migratory birds and pollinators.

These are two of four sites being considered for the construction of an ice rink.  Both construction and operation of the ice rink would significantly harm the wildlife that depends on these properties.

[Add a personal story about why protecting the Blue Hills wildlife is important to you.]

Thank you for helping to protect the wildlife and its habitat in and around the Blue Hills.



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