Action Alert: Call Your Legislator to Support Our Parks

You can help make sure that our parks – including the Blue Hills – receive the funding that they need.

Take Action

Please call your legislators and urge them to include the Department of Conservation and Recreation as one of their top budget priorities.  

To find your legislators’ contact info, click here.

Here’s what to say:

Hi, this is (name) with the Friends of the Blue Hills.   Please include the Department of Conservation and Recreation as one of your top budget priorities.  The DCR State Parks and Recreation line item is (2810-0100).  Can we count on you?


The agency that manages the parks, the Department of Conservation and Recreation, is underfunded, which means that many parks throughout the state suffer.  Buildings are falling down, trails are not maintained and parks lack staff to meet visitors’ needs.

The Friends of the Blue Hills makes sure that the Blue Hills’ trails are clear and we work to keep the forests healthy, but our efforts cannot meet the needs of the tens of thousands of people who visit the park each year.  The Department of Conservation and Recreation needs adequate funds to maintain historic landmarks like the Blue Hill Observatory, Trailside Museum and Eliot Tower.  The DCR also needs resources to perform park maintenance, like clearing snow, and helping visitors safely explore and enjoy the park.

Our state legislators are developing their budgets now.   Please contact your legislators and urge them to include the Department of Conservation and Recreation as one of their budget priorities.

More information: Supporting 1% for the Environment

The work to adequately fund the DCR is part of a larger effort.  The Friends of the Blue Hills is a member of the Green Budget Coalition, coordinated by the Environmental League.  As part of the Coalition, we support the effort to achieve the Governor’s commitment of 1% of the budget for all environmental programs.  Currently, only half of every penny the state spends goes towards protecting our natural resources, ensuring clean air and water – and keeping our parks open and well-maintained, and enforcing environmental laws.  The last time Massachusetts allocated 1% of its budget to environmental programs was in the early 2000’s.  See the Environmental League’s Green Budget.

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