Petition to Support Trailside Museum and Observatory

Petition to Support Trailside Museum and Blue Hill Observatory

The Blue Hills Trailside Museum and the Blue Hill Observatory serve tens of thousands of people each year, sparking their interest in science and the wonder of nature and the Blue Hills. These institutions, in addition to the 125 miles of trails and many other recreational opportunities, make the Blue Hills a beloved destination for all of us in Massachusetts – as well as for visitors around the world.

This year, the state budget includes $100,000 to operate the Blue Hill Observatory and $500,000 to support the Blue Hills Trailside Museum. With significant uncertainty about this year’s budget, this funding is in danger of being cut. Please help make sure that the Governor does not cut this funding.

You can help ensure that the Blue Hills Trailside Museum and Blue Hill Observatory are fully funded this year by filling out the below petition.

Funding in this year’s budget for both of these Blue Hills treasures is in jeopardy because tax receipts are falling short of providing full funding for the budget. Every time there is a short fall, the Governor looks to see funding he can cut. If he cuts funding for the Trailside Museum and the Observatory – which both already run on shoe string budgets – he will likely continue to cut funding for these Blue Hills landmarks for future years as well.

Please make sure the Trailside Museum can continue to teach children the importance of nature and the Blue Hills. Your electronic signature will also make sure the Observatory can continue to undertake significant research including climate study and engage tens of thousands of students in learning the science skills they need to understand our natural world.

Please fill out the petition to let Governor Charlie Baker know you care about the Blue Hills!

Sign the Petition to Support Trailside Museum and Observatory

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Photo by Frieda Cooper, Canton

Photo (top left):  Jayne Hammel of Braintree

7 Responses to “Petition to Support Trailside Museum and Observatory”

  1. Alice MERCER says:

    Dear Governor Baker ….

    Please be sure the funds are given to the Trailside Museum and Observatory so they may continue to be so vital to the citizens of Milton and Massachusetts. They are so needed in the lives of all who visit the Blue Hills Reservation. Generations have been so fortunate to have been able to visit with their children.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Alice Mercer

  2. Steve Connolly says:

    I grew up on the Hyde Park / Milton line with a view of Blue Hill Observatory almost my entire youth, a later move to Dedham still maintained a view of the observatory. Now in Bellingham I’m semi-lost without my longtime view of Big Blue.

    While not having visited Trailside Museum in quite a few years I feel closing that facility would be a lose to youthful education and education in general. Easy access to animals you are likely to encounter locally vs. many of the animals at area zoos being of the more exotic nature that people would not encounter locally. No children of my own to bring to Trailside but have encouraged my neighbors to bring their children there.

    The picture of the otter that was with this petition appeal brought back fond memories of many hours over the years watching them behave like the clowns of the pond that they can be. Dipping, diving, rolling swims around their enclosure and even the extremely rare excursion they made down the slide in their enclosure.

    Please keep the facility open.

  3. David Clarke says:

    Dear Governor Baker,

    As a youth, I was a resident observer at the Blue Hill Observatory. It was instrumental in launching my science career in both research and education. I appreciate the importance of both the observatory’s long term climatic record and the educational program that is currently offered. Please maintain the current funding that is now in the budget.

    Thank you,
    David Clarke

  4. Joney Swift says:

    I grew up in Milton on Brush Hill Road and then later on Green Street and as a child the Blue Hill’s Trail Side Museum was the #1 destination for my birthday parties. Later as a grown up Blue Hill and the Observatory were where I would take visitors and ‘important’ friends! Please continue to support The Blue Hill Observatory and The Trail Side Museum, they are such an important feature of Massachusetts and also a wonderful resource of learning about our natural world.
    Thank you!
    Joney Swift

  5. P Workum says:

    The Trailside is a wonderful resource for all ages.

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