Trails: Trail Adopters

Trail Adopters

Adopter Section Adopted Adopter Since
AMC/Southeastern Massachusetts Chapter Skyline – Hillside St. to Rt. 28 Jul ’16
Caleb Blankenship Hemlock Bound Trail & Streamside Edge Path (in Chickatawbut Region) May ’08
Paul Brookes Quarry Trail (Wampatuck Rd to Skyline), Ski Jump Path, Winter Carnival Path, Murphy Path, Minichiello Path, Obbatinewat, Firepit Path May ’16
Denise Butler Puddle Path Oct ’08
Bob Flagg Southern Skyline – Hillside St. to Eliot Circle, Bouncing Brook Apr ’08
Peter Furth Acton Path, Duck Pond Foot Path, Fire Trail, Hemlock Road, Jones Link, Madden Road, Middle Road, Pasture Road, Pequimmit Trail, Ponkapoag Path, Redman Farm Path, Smith Trail, Swamp Path, Three Pines Path, Wannamanhut Path Apr ’10
John Goldrosen Forest Path Dec ’09
James Green Coon Hollow Path Mar ’09
John Hahnfeld Doe Hollow Path (2153-2151), Boyce Hill Trail (2151 to Dover Trail at South Boyce Hill), Burnt Hill Path (2085 to 2111) Mar ’13
Higashi School – Hiroshi Abe Ponkapoag Trail, No Name Trail Jun ’09
Rob Hirseman Skyline Trail (Quarry, Chickatawbut Rd to Shea Rink) Oct’16
Dave Humphreys Border Path (1100 to 1135), Rotch Path, Crags Foot Path, Indian Camp Path, Fox Hill Path Jun ’09
Mimi Kugler Houghton Hill Path, Houghton Trail, Breakneck Ledge Path Nov ’12
Fred Lapham Pasture Run Sept ’15
Anna MacDougall Half Way Path Dec ’15
Chris Mullin AMC Footpath, Ayer Trail, Buck Hill Trail (2142-2162), Doe Hollow Path (2137-2142), Dover Trail (2071-2137), Fern Spring Foot Path (Bugbee to Buck Hill summit), Prescott Foot Path (Houghton Region), Stokes Path, Jeffries Trail Jun ’11
Robert Quinn Glover Path, Hawk Hill Path (3044-3072) Nov ’15
Mark Rivinus and Maggie DeVries Skyline Trail West of Rte 138 Nov ’17
Dexter Robinson Skyline – Rt. 138 to Elliot Tower Apr ’08
Robert Shine Athol Path, Skyline Trail (Rt. 28 to Chickatawbut Rd) Jun ’11
Fred Taylor Laurel Path, Great Dome Foot Path (Laurel to Bouncing Brook) Nov ’12
Pete Tierney Prescott Foot Path (5322-5343), Hodgdon Foot Path Jan ’16
Len Ulbricht Skyline Trail North Feb ’17
Bob Vogel Five Corners Path, Mattapan Path Apr ’08
Bob Walcott Andover Trail, Bolton Footpath, & Fern Spring Foot Path (Beech Hollow to Bugbee) Apr ’08
Joe Woodman Hancock Hill Path Jun ’08
Barry Young Moulton Path, K Path, Cosmos Path Mar ’16

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