Action Alert: Support Trailside and Observatory

You can help make sure the Trailside Museum and the Blue Hill Observatory have the funding they need to continue to serve thousands of visitors each year.

Take Action
Please write, call or email the below legislators and urge them to include funding for operations for the Trailside Museum and the Blue Hill Observatory.

Funding for both the Trailside and the Observatory are currently being considered in what’s called the Conference Committee, which is a joint committee of state Senators and House Representatives.  The Conference Committee considers both the House and Senate versions of the budget and develops a new budget version.

The Conference Committee is considering cutting operating funding for the Trailside Museum and Observatory that was included in the House and Senate budgets.  Both institutions need your help today to make sure they will have the operating funds they need to continue to provide educational programs throughout the year.

Please contact the below legislators and let them know you value the Trailside Museum and Observatory and ask them to make sure they have the operating funds they need to continue.

Senator Karen E Spilka

Senator Sal DiDomenico

Senator Viriato DeMacedo

Representative Brian Dempsey

Representative Stephen Kulik

Representative Todd Smola

Thank you for helping to protect these important Blue Hills treasures!

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