Chris Mullin and Robert Shine started the year attending the AAT Program training session in April and they jumped into the program with both feet. They are having a major impact on the program in just their first year. Over the year, both participated in six work events and quickly qualified for the AAT Program. Between the two of them, they have taken on all or portions of eight trails. In addition, they have already submitted their first construction proposal. In 2012, Chris and Robert will join the ranks of trail event leaders. Chris has already shown a great aptitude for website design. He is working with other FBH members to enhance the website and to add more content.   Take a look at the website and you will find an improved appearance and feel.   Stay tuned for more improvements.   Robert has shown his expertise with a GPS unit recently mapping out a new trail and transferring this information to an electronic map.   Robert and Chris are only of the many people in your community who have helped maintain the Reservation this year.

Thank you Chris, Robert and all of our volunteers for demonstrating your commitment to the Blue Hills Reservation!