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Volunteer Profile: Ben

Ben volunteers in the park because it’s fun and it doesn’t stay nice by magic. Watch the video.

Volunteer Spotlight

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Volunteer: Barbara Kirby from Milton

Barbara Kirby from Milton volunteers for the Blue Hills…  

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Volunteer Spotlight: Anna MacDougall

Volunteer Activities:  I started going to the monthly trail maintenance events two years ago.  I enjoyed it so much that I became a Trail Adopter, which means that I maintain it on my own.

Favorite activities with Friends of the Blue Hills:  I love doing the monthly trail maintenance events.   The people are great and I get to visit different parts of the Blue Hills.  That is how I found Hemenway Hill and all the great trails there.

Favorite Hike: I love walking Hemenway Hill and the surrounding trails.  It’s so peaceful there.

Favorite thing to […]

Tess volunteers in the Blue Hills

A big thank you to Tess for volunteering in the Blue Hills!

Learn about trail maintenance in the Blue Hills.

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How Can You Help the Park?

Why volunteer for the Blue Hills? Menos tells us why…


Volunteer Spotlight: Liz Tran

How long have you been going to the Blue Hills? I’ve been going to the Blue Hills since high school, so roughly 10 years? That seems like such a long time!

What is your favorite spot in the Blue Hills? Any spot with a view. We tend to frequent Buck Hill when in the Blue Hills. I like the Blue Hills because there is just a plethora of hikes you can choose from whether it be easy, hard, long or short. It just depends on the trail(s) you take and what you make of it.

Do you like to hike […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Therese Joyce

Name: Therese Joyce

Town: Milton

FBH Volunteer activities: Program Committee Chair

Favorite thing to do in the Blue Hills: Look at the beautiful views

Favorite activities with Friends of the Blue Hills: New Year’s Day Walk, Sunset Hike in the fall


Volunteer Spotlight: Colleen B.

Name: Colleen Brombacher

Town: Randolph. MA

FBH volunteer activities: Trail clean up, anything else I can participate in.

FBH member since: 2013

Favorite Hike: It’s a combination of trails but I like to park on 28 and run or hike across part of the Forest Path loop over to Houghton Pond.  I bring my dog and she likes to cool down in the pond before we head back to the car.

Favorite thing to do in the Blue Hills:  Running and swimming with the dog.

Funniest thing that happened at the Blue Hills: I went running one day last summer […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Erica Quigley

Name: Erica Quigley

Town: Jamaica Plain

Volunteer activities: I help out on the programming committee with event planning, particularly children’s activities. We try to go beyond standard crafts so that kids are engaging with the natural world and using their creativity. At Winter Fest, kids have experimented with ice and food coloring. I’ve also helped do some strategic planning.

FBH member since: 2006

Favorite Hike: Buck Hill. I like to come from Route 28 and go up the Forest Path, then approach Buck Hill from the north. The scrubby plants make me feel like I’m in the White Mountains.

Favorite […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Owen Hartford

Name: Owen Hartford

Town: Milton, MA

Volunteer Activities:  While occasionally I attend the trail maintenance events, I devote most of my volunteer efforts with FBH to graphic design. I’ve been doing the layout for the newsletter since 2008, and also have worked on invitations, fliers, brochures, maps, letters, t-shirts, baseball caps, banners, web design and judging photo contests. I’ve also done photography and video for special events.

FBH member since: 2006

Favorite thing to do in the Blue Hills: Hiking, photography. I’ve used photos taken in the Blue Hills as part of a multimedia composition for mandolin orchestra called, Neponset […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Casey Ajalat

Name: Casey Ajalat Town: Billerica, MA Volunteer activities: Trail Maintenance in the Blue Hills, Organizer of the Blue Hills Hiking Club (Meetup), Assistant Organizer for the Random Group of Hikers (Meetup), AMC 3 season Hike Leader, AMC Spring Hiking Program instructor, AMC Fall & Spring Leadership program assistant. FBH member since: 2013 Favorite thing to do in the Blue Hills:  I enjoy leading hikes for the Blue Hills Hiking Club around Elliot’s Tower and the Observatory.  I also enjoy mentoring others to become active in hiking. Funniest thing that happened at the Blue Hills: I went on […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Daniel Byrnes

Volunteer Spotlight: name: Daniel Byrnes

Town: Braintree

Volunteer activities: Writing for the Friends of the Blue Hills Newsletter and Twitter account

FBH member since: 2013

Favorite Hike: Skyline trail

Favorite thing to do in the Blue Hills: Hiking, wondering

Funniest thing that happened at the Blue Hills: Taking pictures of deer became like a fashion photo section when the deer kept getting closer and seeming to strike poses.

Favorite activities with Friends of the Blue Hills: Green Up, trail maintenance. Doing good work with good people for a place I love.

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