What’s So Special About the Skyline Trail?

We’d love to hear your stories about the Skyline trail.  Do you regularly hike the entire trail?  Do you stick to a small portion of the trail?  Do you walk with your dog?  Do you have photos of yourself on the trail you’d like to share?  Have you captured a great view for us to see?

Please leave a comment — and email us at info@FriendsoftheBlueHills.org if you’re interested in talking to us about your experiences.  We’d love to hear from you!

3 Responses to “What’s So Special About the Skyline Trail?”

  1. Steve Cobble says:

    I like Skyline Trail in Winter. With snow. I like scrambling up icy Rattlesnake Hill with my microspikes…..
    I like the section behind the rez, with all the small birches reaching for the sky.
    I like Skyline because it takes me to Buck Hill.
    I like Skyline North with it’s twisted way up to GBH.
    I especially like the Quincy end, since it’s close to home…..

  2. john Schaechter says:

    I like the Skyline Trail because It seems like being in NH instead of being so close to Boston.

  3. Bob Flagg says:

    When the snow flies, I head for the Skyline up Big Blue. The parking lot at Rt 138 is always plowed. The trail is steep so you want crampons on your snowshoes. The views kick in real quick. It is a beautiful sight to look out over the land and there is a warm glow from the lights below. Continue around Eliot Circle including a stop at Eliot Tower. Good place to stop for a break and enjoy the view of Boston and the harbor. You can take the Red Dot down to Trailside Museum (short walk back to Rt 138 lot) or continue back to your trail up Skyline. When you can’t get to the Whites, the Blues are a welcome alternative.

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