What’s Your Top 35 places in the Blue Hills?

For the Friends of the Blue Hills 35th Anniversary, we’re creating a Top 35 list of places to visit in the Blue Hills.  (People who visit all 35 places will be entered into a raffle for a great prize!)

Please help us create the Top 35 Things to Do and See in the Blue Hills.  So far, we’ve thought of including some of the 22 hilltops, Houghton’s Pond, St Moritz Pond, Chicaktawbut Overlook.  What do you think we should include?

Photo credit: Meghan O’Hare (Quincy) St Moritz Pond

15 Responses to “What’s Your Top 35 places in the Blue Hills?”

  1. Ken Cohen says:

    The summit of Buck Hill and its 360 degree view.
    On a clear day you can almost see “forever”!

  2. Marc H says:

    There are way too many to choose from, but I’ll go with the ledges on Kitchamakin Hill. Very tough to find, quiet and peaceful, and one of the only views with nothing but woods.

  3. Mike Tuohey says:

    On AMC hikes I lead on Skyline Trail, ,our lunch spot is on Nanhanton Hill. Great views of Boston & Quincy. Also, quarries in Eastern Blue Hills (West Quincy).

  4. Seamus Foy says:

    I’m partial to the overlook at the top of Rattlesnake Hill, looking west. It was incredible last week at peak foliage, better, I think than the views in the western part of the BH because that area seems to have more pines and therefore less diversity of color.

    But yeah, as Ken said, Buck Hill’s 360 is also incredible!

  5. sam leoncello says:

    Little Blue, and the granite bench. And to go a little further, the Skyline to the end @ Fowl Meadow.Along the way there are stone walls and an old oak tree that fell down a few years ago @ the route 95 curve. And then I take Fowl Meadow to Paul’s Bridge.

  6. Mike F says:

    Too many to chose, but the rock ledges on West flank of Great Blue Hill, just below weather station, to sit and take in the vast view west. The trails around Great Cedar Swamp for a quiet hike or winter ski, and I can’t omit the Quincy Quarries for nearby rock climbing.

  7. Mario T. says:

    So many wonderful places in the Blue Hills; however, in my opinion, the Quincy Quarry Park and First Railway are uniquely inspiring and breath taking.

    I enjoy hiking,climbing, snow shoeing, picking wild flowers and escaping the city in this one of the kind places.

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