Write Your State Legislators to Protect Blue Hills Wetlands


Take Action:  Please write to your state legislators to support Bills H.818, H.819 and H.820 which would protect Fowl Meadow wetlands. (See sample letter and legislator contacts below.)

Background:  A private company has proposed building 276 housing units right next to the portion of the Blue Hills, called Fowl Meadow on Brush Hill Road in Milton.  The five-story buildings are proposed on what the state calls an “Area of Critical Environmental Concern.”  We call this forested land ‘critical’ because the plants and animals of Fowl Meadow’s wetland depend on this area for food and habitat.  Plus the higher land filters the water that runs down to the wetlands and Neponset River.  When the existing forest is bulldozed to create 276 units, the wetland animals and plants will suffer.  By destroying the land near the wetlands of Fowl Meadow, wildlife food and habitat will be destroyed and the water supply will become contaminated.

Representative Walter Timilty has introduced legislation that would prohibit building within 1,000 feet of Fowl Meadow to protect this sensitive habitat of the Blue Hills.

What You Can Do

Please let your state legislators know that we need to protect the wetlands in Fowl Meadow.  Let them know that development at Brush Hill Ave would harm the sensitive habitat and endangered species of Fowl Meadow, the portion of the Blue Hills that abuts the development.  Ask them to request a favorable report for Bills H.818, H.819 and H.820 from the Chairs of the Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture.  

 Sample Letter

If you don’t know your legislator visit this website.  Below, you’ll find contact information for some local legislators.

Dear Rep (or Senator)        :

I am writing to urge you to write a letter to the chairs of the Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture to ask them to support bills H.818, H.819 and H.820 with a favorable report out of committee.

[Add something about how important the Blue Hills is to you.  Personalizing your letter makes all the difference!}

The first two bills, H.818 and H.819 would prevent development within 1,000 feet of the portion of the Blue Hills called Fowl Meadow.  Development close to Fowl Meadow would constitute significant environmental risk to the sensitive habitat and endangered species of Fowl Meadow, the portion of the Blue Hills.  H.820 would improve the ability of the Commonwealth (through the Department of Environmental Protection and the local municipality) to protect and preserve areas of critical concern, specifically those that may be unalterably and negatively impacted by proposed development.  These bills are essential to protecting land like that found in Fowl Meadow in the Blue Hills Reservation.  They would help protect Fowl Meadow’s sensitive habitat by:

1. Protect the endangered species of Fowl Meadow depend on the ‘critical habitat’ that surrounds it.  The development is proposed on land that the state identifies as ‘critical habitat’ because species in Fowl Meadow rely on it for a source of fresh water as well as a source of food.

The area proposed for development contains several areas identified by the state as ‘critical habitat.’  The ‘critical habitat’ is considered ‘uplands’ which is essential for healthy wetlands.  Many species use more than one habitat and need to move in between them.  A protected area with multiple habitats will support a greater diversity of animals and plants than an isolated habitat of any type.  The land where development is proposed also provides clean, fresh rainwater for the Fowl Meadow wildlife, a critical natural resource for the health of Fowl Meadow and its inhabitants.

2. Safeguard the health of the Fowl Meadow ecosystem depends, in part on preventing habitat fragmentation.  Fowl Meadow is healthier because the adjacent land is not ‘fragmented’ or broken up.  The construction breaks up the land surrounding the wetlands.  This ‘upland’ habitat extends over a number of acres, including Little Blue, Green Street up to Brush Hill Road.  This expansive large area is unique in that it has the marshy Neponset floodplain, a mature upland forest, and open fields. Maintaining the uplands as much intact as possible is important in guarding the health of Fowl Meadow.

Thank you for helping us protect one of the largest parks in the metropolitan Boston area.



Your Name

Legislator Contact Information

Please thank Rep Walter Timilty for introducing these bills: Walter.Timilty@mahouse.gov.

Please write your legislator (if it isn’t Rep Timilty) about this issue.  Here is contact information for a few of the local legislators.  If you don’t know your legislator visit https://malegislature.gov/People/Search.

Senator Brian A. Joyce
State House, Room 109D, Boston, MA 02133

Rep William C. Galvin
State House, Room 448, Boston, MA 02133

Rep Bruce J Ayers
State House, Room 167, Boston, MA 02133

Linda Dorcena Forry
State House, Room 26, Boston, MA 02133

Mark J. Cusack
State House, Room 544, Boston, MA 02133

Rep Louis L. Kafka
State House, Room 185, Boston, MA 02133

Claire D. Cronin
State House, Room 130, Boston, MA 02133

27 Responses to “Write Your State Legislators to Protect Blue Hills Wetlands”

  1. Paul Musgrove says:

    I sent a letter to mr. joyce

  2. Ken Cohen says:

    I sent a letter to Representative Cronin.

  3. Chris Meyers says:

    Letters sent via email!

  4. nancy lattanzio says:

    i wrote them all. Fuller Village also pushing hard against this development.

  5. Carol and John Hahnfeld says:

    We have contacted Senator Joyce and Rep. Linda Dorcena Forry.
    Thanks for providing the sample letter and an easy way for us to support this initiative. Carol and John

  6. Ardis Johnston says:

    I sent letters to Stoughton’s 2 house members, Representatives Galvin and Kafka, and to Senator Joyce. I will follow up with phone calls on Monday.

  7. Allen Lapey says:

    Wrote to Sen. Joyce.

    I will be at foul meadow at dusk tonight to witness the woodcocks doing their annual mating behavior. I want to share this priceless experience with my grandchildren.

  8. Rachel Wood says:

    I sent a letter to Senator Sonia Chang-DIaz.

  9. Charlie Fraser says:

    I corresponded with Senator Joyce, and Mr Ayers appealing to their love of their own children to preserve and protect this marvelous irreplaceable resource for future generations.

  10. sally owen says:

    i sent emails to tackey chan and john keenan

  11. Ardis Johnston says:

    I just talked with Representative Galvin’s office about House Bill 818. They have been hearing from Milton residents, but not much from elsewhere, so it is especially important that they hear from residents of other towns. This issue is not and should not be considered a NIMBY.

    I contacted Rep. Kafka’s office (his staff seemed unaware of the issue).Senator Joyce’s office was well aware and informed me that because of the storm the hearing on the bill has been rescheduled from tomorrow to Thursday. For your comments to be officially entered into the hearing (very important), they should be addressed to Senator Mark R. Pacheco, Chair, the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture at (Kyle is the person in charge of the correspondence).

  12. Ardis Johnston says:

    Oops! The e-mail address was inadvertently omitted from my previous message. Comments for the hearing should be sent to

  13. Denny Swenson says:

    The letters are working! Representative Galvin said he will support Representative Walter Timilty’s legislation! Please reach out to your representative!!

  14. Janet Lynch says:

    Please keep the builders out of the Blue Hills. If one builder is allowed to build in the Blue Hills, hundreds of others will want to do the same.

    We will have no conservation land left in the area of Milton, Randolph, Quincy and Braintreen if builders move in and take over the Blue Hills.


  15. Mike Walsh says:

    sent E Mailed letter to Rep. Rhonda Nyman today 3/19/2013

  16. Rachel McCann says:

    Sorry it took me so long but I sent emails to Sen. Chang-Diaz and Rep. Scaccia today.

  17. Will Conrad says:

    I sent your letter to my senator and representative.
    Judy, thanks for sending us this information. Charles Eliot is smiling down on you.

    We need to save this precious resource, the Blue Hills, and I think these actions do have a positive impact.

  18. J. Barnes says:

    Hello – I live near Fowl Meadow, in Hyde Park, and just learned about this possible development. Is there any update more recent than May 2013?

    • Thanks so much for asking about the development. We wrote an update in our last newsletter (page 2) about the legislative efforts we’re supporting. In addition to the bills mentioned in the article, Reps Walter Timilty and William Galvin recently introduced an amendment to the budget that would do the same thing as the bills (prohibit development within 1,000 feet of Fowl Meadow). Other than that, Mass Housing has given preliminary approval and we’re still waiting to hear back from the developer with a proposal. We’ll keep you posted!

  19. J. Barnes says:

    Thanks for the update!

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