What do you like to do best in the Blue Hills? 

Hiking, trail-running, taking seasonal photos of the reservation’s landscapes.

How long have you been visiting the Blue Hills?

I’ve been an avid visitor at the Blue Hills for the past 5 years.

Can you describe what you were doing or thinking when you took the photo?

Both photos were taken during our very first Milton-Quincy hike of the Skyline Trail back in the fall season of 2008. The first photo is taken on the trail approaching Buck Hill and the second photo is of me taking a quick breather on one of Chikatawbut Hill’s rock ledges.  I personally think the Blue Hills truly shines during the autumn season- something I hope I was able to convey in the pictures.

What would you like people to see or feel when they look at your photo?

I felt that both photos offered a great glimpse of the reservation’s excellent fall foliage. That being said, I don’t think photos will ever do the reservation’s autumn landscape any justice and people who’ve never been here should really come visit and personally experience it for themselves.

Amiel Bryan Brockton Skyline Trail, Fall 2008