The Best Short Hikes with Views in the Blue Hills Reservation

Even if you’re just driving through the park and have a few minutes for a hike, you can still find a hike with views that are spectacular.  Here are three great short hikes with views that take about 10 to 15 minutes to get to the top to see the view.

Buck Hill from Route 28

For a short hike with a view, park at the third parking lot on your left as you drive north on Route 28 from Route 93, Exit 5.   Take the Blue Dot trail from 2210 up about 10 minutes to the top of Buck Hill.  To finish your hike with a view, just retrace your steps down the hill to your car.

Chicatawbut Overlook

Honestly, if you drive to the Chicakatawbut Overlook on Chickatawbut Road, your hike with a view could just be crossing the street to enjoy the view of Boston.  But if you’d like a short hike with a view that doesn’t include cars and  pavement, take the Yellow Dot trail up just 10 minutes to the rocky clearing.  You’ll not only feel like you’re away from the traffic, but you’ll enjoy a great view of the Boston skyline.

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Headquarters to Hancock Hill

For a very quick, strenuous hike with a view, park at either Houghton’s Pond main parking lot or, if there’s room, at the parking lot in front of the DCR Headquarters’ Building (695 Hillside Street, Milton).  Walk behind Headquarters to the wide trail called Wolcott Path.  Walk just a couple dozen feet until you arrive at the entrance to the Skyline Trail on your right.  Follow the Blue Dots, and after a bit of rock scrambling, you’ll arrive at the top.  This is a hike with a view of Houghton’s Pond and some of the best views in the Blue Hills.