The Friends of the Blue Hills is looking for people who love the park to join its Board. This is an incredible opportunity for people who care deeply about preserving our natural spaces and who want to turn that care into action.

About the Friends of the Blue Hills

Our Mission

We are a member non-profit organization devoted to preserving and protecting the Blue Hills Reservation’s natural beauty, diverse natural habitats and many recreational opportunities.

Our Values

  • We value an ecologically healthy Blue Hills Reservation. We want generations to enjoy its healthy forests and waterways, its natural vistas and its open and easy access.
  • We value healthy, natural ecology.
  • We value the entire Reservation as a gift to us and to future generations.
  • We value visitors’ ability to enjoy the natural beauty and striking natural vistas of the Reservation.
  • We value open and easy access to the Reservation.
  • We value passive and active recreation and the infrastructure to support these activities.

Friends of the Blue Hills in 2023

Every year, tens of thousands of people enjoy the 7,000 acres and 125 miles of wild beauty called the Blue Hills Reservation. In the last three years that number has grown exponentially with more people than ever seeking inspiring and safe outdoor space in which to spend time with loved ones for health, peace, and healing. As a result of this increased usage, the Friends of the Blue Hills as an organization needs to grow and strengthen so it can advocate for the park for future generations.

What is the role of a Board member and who are we looking for?

We are looking for individuals to act as leading ambassadors for the organization to expand our efforts to advocate for the park, to advance our diversity and inclusion efforts, and to assist us in building relationships within our communities. We are looking for individuals who represent:

  • The diversity of people that use the park: 
    • age, ability, identity, and town of residence
  • The diversity of reasons that people use and/or support the park: 
    • hiking, running, fishing, biking, swimming, picnicking, skiing, photography, and all forms of nature appreciation
  • People with skills, experience and interest in specific areas including:
    •  finance/accounting, community leadership, youth engagement, grant writing, law, land use planning, ecology/biology, advocacy, climate justice, website design, fundraising, and social media/marketing

What would the commitment be? 

  • Minimum of a 2-year commitment
  • Meet monthly, attend our annual celebration and an annual Board retreat
  • Take a leadership role in at least one committee and contribute to significant initiatives
  • Volunteer at events and participate in programs
  • Support the Friends of the Blue Hills financially – While there is no minimum financial commitment, Board members are asked to make a Blue Hills Champion monthly contribution that is significant to them
  • Help build our network by introducing us to people in your communities who can support the organization financially, join the Board, or contribute to our strategic initiatives to protect and preserve the park

By joining the Board of the Friends, you would be gaining a new family of friends who love and care for the park. We are a friendly and dedicated group who love to roll up our sleeves to help this small organization do great things. 

Please use this simple form to indicate your interest and tell us more about yourself. Either our Executive Director or a member of our Board will reach out to connect with you within 1-2 weeks.

Please connect with us to start a conversation: 

Board President, Matt Panucci at and

Executive Director, Judy Lehrer-Jacobs at


Photo: Joyce Barnes (Hyde Park)