Boston Birding

Looking for Boston Birding?

If you’re looking for great Boston birding, come visit the 7,000-acre Blue Hills Reservation in the South Shore area. The hilltops of Blue Hills are a popular breeding ground for many species you won’t find elsewhere near Boston.

Start Boston birding with Buck Hill for your best chances of seeing a variety of birds, such as Prairie Warblers, Indigo Buntings, Brown Thrashers, and Field Sparrows.

In the spring for Boston Birding, we recommend walking along Burma Road in Fowl Meadow and look and listen for the birds that nest here, including the Red-breasted Grosbeaks and Blue-winged Warbler. If your into Boston birding, you’ll also find that many other birds use Fowl Meadow as a stopover as they migrate northward.

In the fall if you’re interested in the best Boston birding, you won’t see the brightly colored birds or hear as many songs as you would during the spring, but you can still head to the Blue Hills for some of the best Boston birding. Walk any portion of the Skyline trail, and when you reach the top of a hill, listen for the strikingly marked Eastern Towhees and Prairie Warblers, which are known for wagging their tails.  That’s Boston birding at its best.

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Photo: Rose-breasted Grosbeak by Kim Magy.