Yes on Question 2 – for a better environment – and a cleaner Blue Hills!

A YES vote on Question 2 on November 4 will finally update a successful 32-year-old law—the 1982 Bottle Bill—to include five cent deposits on water bottles and sports drinks—which we see more and more on our Little League Fields, floating in our streams, and strewn in our parks.

Voting YES on Question 2 to update the Bottle Bill will:

  • reduce the water bottle and sports drinks litter that turns our streets and parks like our Blue Hills into an eyesore.
  • increase recycling rates: right now, more than 80% of bottles with deposits are redeemed / recycled, compared with less than 23% of bottles without deposits. The rest of those containers, like water and sports drink bottles, become litter or end up as trash in landfills or incinerators.
  • save our cities and towns up to $7 million a year—or an average of $1 per person living in our state—in litter pick up and trash disposal costs.

Please vote Yes on Question 2