Friends &
REI Co-op
partner to
Keep Our
Trails Clean

What can you do to preserve the Blue Hills?

This June, the Friends are partnering with REI Co-op to help keep the Blue Hills trails clean.  Over the past year, a record number of people have visited the Blue Hills Reservation. The park has been an amazing resource for people to enjoy nature, get some exercise, and safely socialize with friends and families… but the increase in visitors has taken a toll.  The park has essentially been “loved to death.” 

More visitors has also meant more trash… which mars the view for visitors and remains in the forest for years, which quickly degrades the habitat for wildlife. 

What can you do to preserve the Blue Hills?  You can join us for events to maintain the trails, remove invasive species to improve the habitat… and pick up trash.  You can also pick up litter as you hike, bike, or run!  REI is providing DIY Cleanup Kits to make the tasks easier.  Just register below and stop by one of REI’s stores to pick up a kit, which includes trash and recycling bags, gloves, and an REI t-shirt. 

See below for links to sign up for a Friends event… and sign up for a DIY REI Cleanup Kit. 

Join us for a Trails Maintenance Event

Keep the Trails Clean on your own

Why Keep Our Trails Clean?

“I volunteer with Friends of the Blue Hills because they do awesome work protecting this beautiful resource!  This year, we have had several trash pickup days in the spring and it was sad that we collected so much trash.  But, at the end of the day, it was a great feeling knowing that all of the volunteers made a significant and positive impact on the cleanliness in the Blue Hills!   We were all proud of the work we did!” 

Skip Maysles


“Every time that I hike in the Blue Hills, I am grateful for the foresighted individuals who made it possible for the reservation to come into being.  I figure that by volunteering for trailwork, I am doing my own little part to ensure that succeeding generations get to enjoy this beautiful place, too.”

Pete Tierney