Do your friends love the Blue Hills?

Have you asked them if they’re Friends of the Blue Hills members?

Why not join the Find Five Friends Campaign!  Just tell five friends about why you love the Blue Hills… and ask them to fill out the form below… and join the Friends of the Blue Hills!  You can… ask them on social media, via email, on the phone… or even (maybe muffled with a mask on…) in person!

You can even create a short video, like Matt Panucci, who loves to run in the Blue Hills.  Let everyone know that you have asked five friends… and ask them to ask five friends!  Tag us on social media with your video and use #FindFiveFriends!  

Why ask people to join? When you ask your friends to join, you are taking a powerful step to help clear the trails for thousands of visitors… to control invasive plants that threaten the native plants and animals we all love to see,  And you’re helping to protect the park from inappropriate development, like hotels, private parking lots and office complexes.  

To show our appreciation for your being a dedicated ambassador for the Blue Hills, we have special gifts for the top ‘Friend Finder’: a 2021 Blue Hills calendar and a canvas print of the stunning beauty of the Blue Hills. The top ‘Friend Finder’ will also be thanked at our Annual Celebration on October 22.

So help the Blue Hills continue to be the park we all love and rely on in this difficult time… Find Five Friends!