Near the proposed development adjacent to Fowl Meadow on Brush Hill Road, FHB Board member Denny Swensen joined a conservation biologist and others to look for rare species of salamanders that appear only during the beginning of spring.  This is the one time of the year that these salamanders leave the woods to return to the vernal pool where they were born.

The salamander quest was fulfilled: the group found three blue spotted salamanders near the development site.  This salamander species is considered a ‘Species of Special Concern’ by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Documenting these and other rare species that live next to the proposed development site is a great accomplishment.

Many thanks to Denny and Win Swenson, Tim Beaulieu, Carol Hayes, Martha McDonough, Randy and Isabella Scott for their efforts.

Learn more about the proposed development and how you can help support Rep Timilty’s bill to protect Fowl Meadow.