The Blue Hills Reservation is one step closer to being cleaner!  Thanks to all your support, the petition signature drive to update the state’s bottle bill has been successful!

The Friends of the Blue Hills worked with a large group of other organizations to complete the signature drive.

Here’s an update from one of the campaign’s leaders, the Environmental League of Massachusetts:

Wednesday a large group gathered on the steps of the Secretary of State’s office to announce the successful completion of a petition signature drive to update the state’s bottle bill. Proponents delivered over 19,000 signatures to Sec. Galvin. Once the signatures are validated, the measure will appear before voters on November 4th. If passed, the ballot question will extend the current nickel deposit on soda and beer to other single serving containers like water, juices, and sports drinks.

“This is common sense policy that updates a tremendously effective law,” said Rep. Jonathan Hecht, the lead sponsor of the measure in the Legislature along with Sen. Cynthia Creem.