Skating Rink Proposed on Critical Habitat

The part of the Blue Hills called Indian Line Farm and the nearby Farnham-Connolly Memorial Park have a number of striking similarities.  Both were contaminated sites that the state spent millions to clean-up.  Both sit within the Fowl Meadow-Ponkapoag Area of Critical Environmental Concern, a designation established by the state for a property’s valuable natural and cultural resources.

And both sites are also proposed locations for a new state ice rink.

These are two of four sites where the Department of Conservation and Recreation is considering building a rink to replace the Canton rink which collapsed in 2015.

Many species, including migratory birds and pollinators, rely on the habitats at both sites for both survival.

The skating rink is a valuable recreational resource for the community. Fortunately, DCR need not choose between the priorities of recreation and habitat preservation.  The other two potential rink sites under consideration include the original location on Route 138 and the Norwood town pool.

In the upcoming months, we will work with our members and the Department of Conservation and Recreation to best protect the wetlands of  and the valuable habitat of Indian Line Farm.

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