What do you like to do best in the Blue Hills?

We love hiking and downhill skiing in the Blue Hills. We look forward to trying snowshoeing and are interested in any cross country trails available.

How long have you been visiting the Blue Hills?

I’ve been visiting and hiking the Blue Hills for 20 years. Initially I came with friends or with my brother, both of whom share my love for the outdoors. Later, when I had children, I was eager to share my love for the outdoors and particularly hiking with them. Each year for my children’s birthday I gift an entire day one-on-one date to them. They choose the activities for this date. It is a family tradition that is cherished and sacred with today’s busy schedules and fast paced lives. I was beyond pleased when my (at the time) 4 year old son requested a day hiking the Blue Hills as his birthday date. I realized then that my children had grown to share my love for nature. A year later, at 5 years old, Connor “trained” on the Blue Hill trails regularly for his first Mt Washington summit hike. My older two children have taken ski lessons at Blue Hills for the past two winters and we’ve been very happy with the Blue Hills for local skiing.

Can you describe what you were doing or thinking when you took the photo?

The picture in the poster was taken during the annual FBH Sunset Hike. The picture was taken from the top of the observation tower within minutes of the sunset while the sky was cast in a gorgeous array of colors. Her dad was carrying her in our backpack carrier so she had uninterrupted views.

What would you like people to see or feel when they look at your photo?

I would like people to see the look of awe and wonder so clearly felt by Grace as she soaked in the fascination of what her eyes were seeing. I hope the picture encourages others to get outdoors and to enjoy the beauty we have so close to us. I also hope the picture encourages others to expose their young children to the unplugged world and to share in these bonding experiences together.