What do you  like to do best in the Blue Hills?
I love to photograph in the  Blue Hills in all seasons.  From Bradley Estates to the Brookfield Farm to  Houghton’s Pond.  There’s always something to capture.
How long have you been visiting the Blue Hills?
I’ve been visiting the Blue Hills  since I moved to Massachusetts in 1993 but more since renewing my  interest in photography in 2008.
Can you  describe what you were doing or thinking when you took the photo?
My husband and I were driving through the Blue  Hills and stopping along the way to photograph the beautiful colors of a New  England autumn day.  I saw this walkway while driving and it drew me in and  I had to stop to photograph it’s beauty.  It was inviting me to stroll  through the golden beauty of the Blue Hills on a glorious day in the  Fall.
What would you like people to see or feel when they look at your  photo?
I would like them to be drawn  in to a stroll where peace and tranquility await.