As an Friends of the Blue Hills member, you have made great things happen for the Blue Hills – through your support, you’ve cleared trails, kept the forests healthy and make sure that people for generations can enjoy the Blue Hills.

You now have a unique chance to encourage others to give too.

Donate now and your gift, along with each dollar raised by our members in this drive, will be pooled to form the Friends of the Blue Hills Member Challenge Fund.  During the spring campaign, we’ll ask others to meet your challenge with gifts of their own.  If we don’t meet our Challenge goal, you can ask us to return your gift.

Make it count.
  Donate Now!

Once you click on the donate link, when you see”please direct my donation to,” select ‘Challenge Fund’ in the drop down menu.

Last spring, a matching gift from just one generous donor helped us raise over $15,000 and encouraged many people to join for the first time!  The fact is, when members like you challenge others, the outcome is powerful.

Please consider making a gift, in addition to your annual renewal, toward the Challenge Fund.  Give $30, $75 or $120, or whatever amount is right for you.

Thank you for donating today so that your contribution is counted toward the Friends of the Blue Hills Member Challenge!


Photo credit:  Roni Polsgrove Canton