Gwen Williams is a member of the Friends of the Blue Hills.

Like all members, Gwen’s support is critical to helping to care for the park.

This July, we’re celebrating our members for all they do to maintain the trails and care for the forest.  Our members are warmly invited to special member-only events throughout the month!

Not a member?  Why not join today!  Gwen is a member “so it can be here for the next generation to come and enjoy.”  Please join her and become a member today!

Meet Gwen Williams

Q: What do you love about hiking in the Blue Hills?

Gwen: What I love about hiking in the Blue Hills… One thing is it’s local. I live nearby, it takes me less than 10 minutes to get here, and it has different trails for everyone. If you just want to have a stroll, there’s a trail for you. If you want to do a short stroll? There’s still a trail for you. If you want to do something more challenging, by all means come to the Blue Hills. Try the Skyline Trail. That’s what I love. It’s local, it doesn’t take much to get here, parking is free, and it’s a great safe place to hike. 

Q: What’s one of your favorite hikes and why?

Gwen: Now one of my favorite hikes is the Skyline. I like to start from the South, go to the North, and then get over to Wolcott. And that is a great view to see the city of Boston. Now if you don’t want to do all of that but you still want to see the view, just go behind the police headquarters, go about 25 yards up that steep hill, and there you are. So you cheated, but you still get a wonderful view. But personally for me, I like to do the entire trail which is about three miles long. 

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Q:What’s one of your favorite views?

Gwen: One of my favorite views is Wolcott, but I also like just doing the yellow trail and walking along. There’s no real view, but you get this quiet solitude. You don’t have to worry about a lot of people doing that trail, it’s a great workout, and it’s about four and a half miles of just rolling hills. I’m going to tell you a story. One time I started hiking and I was really depressed, I just felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. I felt really sad. And I just decided not to do any rock scrambling, just to take the yellow trail. By the time I got out I felt as if I had had five Valium (I’m not saying to take Valium) but my body just felt so calm, relaxed and peaceful. So the view isn’t the city of Boston, but the view still went straight to my heart. It was so nice and calming. 

Q: What’s one of the most challenging trails in the Blue Hills?

Gwen: Well I think that would be the Blue Skyline. But one of the most challenging things for me is Buck Hill, on the other side of the police headquarters. That is a bit challenging. But once you get to the top, once again, you get that really amazing view of Boston. And there are blueberries growing along the way if you are hiking at a certain time of year. That’s a little treat as well. 

Q: Why would someone who loves to hike become a member of the Friends of the Blue Hills. 

Gwen: Why not? You know? Because it’s something that we enjoy.  For yourself to enjoy, for your children to enjoy. Now I’m donating whatever little bit I can, so it can be here for the next generation to come and enjoy. And it is right outside of the city. If you go to a restaurant, you still leave a tip. So when I donate to the Blue Hills, it’s like leaving a tip. For providing this great, wonderful, environment.

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