Erik Barrios grew up hiking the Blue Hills.  He still loves exploring the park.  That’s why he’s a member of the Friends of the Blue Hills.  You can join Erik and over 1,400 others to help care for the Reservation by becoming a member! 

Q: What do you love about hiking in the Blue Hills?

Erik: I’ve been hiking in the Blue Hills for basically all of my life, ever since I was like 8. It’s just been a pleasure to see my city have a place so close that is so easily accessible to everybody. Where you can just come up and hike and see a beautiful nature trail, have a wonderful nature walk. It’s been so amazing seeing how much it’s changed over the years and how much it is still continuing to develop. I love it, honestly. 

Q: What’s one of your favorite hikes and why?

Erik: So one of my favorite hikes is actually the one where you go to the top of the tower. I have pictures of me there from when I was in 5th grade, 8th grade, when I was a freshman in high school, and I’m going to go soon to take more so you can see how I’ve transformed over the years. I go with my parents and stuff, and that’s why I love that trail. I can’t wait to do it again. 

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Q: What’s one of your favorite views? 

Erik: Recently I’ve been going to the Skyline Trail up by Chickatawbut, up the red line trails, and there’s a beautiful view. I’ve set up my hammock there a few times just to chill and relax in the sun. And it’s been one of the best experiences I’ve had this summer. 

Q: What’s been one of the most challenging trails?

Erik: Honestly, I can’t wait to do all of the Skyline Trail. That’s the most difficult trail and I’m trying to do backpacking, so I’ve been preparing to do that big giant trail from beginning to end. Hopefully it will be accomplished soon as part of the 125-Mile Club challenge that I’m partaking in. 

Q: Why would someone who loves to hike become a member of the Blue Hills?

Erik: Well it’s 7,000 acres of land, it’s 125 miles plus of trails, it’s a great experience because it’s literally right out of the city. You go 15, 20 minutes down Blue Hill Ave and you can be in an amazing display of what is essentially still Boston. It’s just been such a huge part of my life. Now that I’m older I’m able to enjoy it on my own a little bit more, and when I was younger I would go with a big group of people. It’s something I would definitely recommend, to sign up to be a part of the Friends of the Blue Hills. It’s an experience you won’t regret.